David Brotsky, the scoundrel of the ‘Jewish Internet Defense Force’


An expose on the JIDF:

  • Why does David Brotsky convince his followers not to donate to one of Israel’s most innovated hospitals, while pocketing Donations he solicits to “Support Israel & Fight terrorism?”
  • Why does Brotsky boast of being an “Israel Advocate” but dissuades making Aliyah?
  • Why does Brotsky exploit his army of sockpuppets to attack more Jews & Israel activists (true Zionists), than Israel’s enemies?

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David Brotsky

David Brotsky

The truth about the JIDF is he is not a Zionist. David Brotsky attacks Israel advocates routinely.

David Brotsky is also notorious for attacking Jewish organizations as well.

Nefesh B’Nefesh: Ineffective Monopoly with Overpaid Executives Turns Blind Eye to Antisemitism and dissuades people from donating to Israel:


#(the coward deleted the above on 30/7/2014. Now he will deny it and call me a liar.  Because I’m posting a screenshot below, he’ll say its a Photoshop  lol)

JIDF attacks Hadassah & ZOA


So, as the JIDF is condemning one of Israel’s most prestigious and innovative Hospitals, he’s pandering, via the most insidious plan, through his ‘Empire of aliases & groups’.

Is the reason why he attacks legitimate Jewish/Israeli institutions because he really isn’t a Zionist, and prefers donations to Israel actually go to the PayPal account of David Brotsky?


Could it be because of his mass pandering to pocket the donations that he misleads people thinking it goes to “Support Israel and Fight Terrorism” ???


To NOT advocate Aliyah is to NOT be a Zionist. “Zionism” was coined in 1890 by Nathan Birnbaum. Its general definition means the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

It was Zionism that made Israel a safe-haven for the 850,000 Jews banished from the Muslim countries in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Zionism made Israel and the IDF strong enough to save starving Ethiopian Jews, while thousands of Ethiopians were dieing daily.  Zionism saved starving Russian Jews, saved Ukrainian Jews and is currently saving French and other European Jews from anti-Semitic persecution.

JIDF mocks Aliyah

 When David Brotsky deletes the following, I’ll publish the screenshot:


(The below screenshot was inserted because as I thought would happen, the coward deleted his tweet above. Good thing I grabbed it earlier!)

JIDF bashes Israel economy




David Brotsky uses his many groups and aliases as a vehicle to promote his scam.

HOW can a ‘Jewish advocate’ do this and NOT send the money, or goods to Israel? How can he claim to ‘Fight Terrorism’ when he’s unable to leave his computer?

When I see David Brotsky and his army of sockpuppets (accounts he denies are his), I see..

  • Attacker of Israel advocates
  • Attacker of Israel supporters
  • Attacker of Israel & Jewish institution
  • Charlatan pocketing donations to Israel
  • A fraud, liar, libeler, a stalker, and cyber-terrorist


The following accounts are considered JIDF accounts (sockpuppets or loyally blind supporters) for frequently interacting when attacking anyone that refuses to accept David Brotsky’s ‘directions’.

* Elisheva@Baleboosteh
* Daniella@thejewess
* Batya@batya_18
* Pete Reynolds@PatriotForYou
* ✡ עם ישראל חי@thejews
* DAVID ProtectedTweets@DavidAppletree
* DAVID@DavidAppletree2+
* Steven Harding ‏@DefenderOfJews
* Tweet 4#GiladShalit@Tweet4Shalit
* BAGELS @TheBagels
* T.J @ReaganRepublic
* Terry@olddogterry46
* jim@philippians4_1
* Ethan@txethan
* Daniel‏@noahidedan
* Music behind JIDF@JIDFtunes

If any the above Twitter accounts are not David Brotsky, they parrot the same word phrases when attacking their prey, first targeted by the JIDF.


David Brotsky - JIDF - Jewish Internet Defense Force

PLEASE Share to protect those who Love Israel!If one looks closely at the #JIDF page, you’ll see lots of Bravado, lots of pandering for donations & postings of music. But the page has no substance. Zero successes in any major pro-Israel campaign…once again, only bravado. All his efforts are to rally donations for his personal gratification. Do Not fall for his many hollow chants and fraudulent claims!! PLEASE Share Widely!

Read all about the real creator of this Fraud and the JIDF

JIDF FB 30 day BlockAs of the 14 July/2014 the Jewish Internet Defense Force began a 30 day suspension on Facebook. Brotsky claims it’s because he’s advocating for Israel.

The truth is because he ignored Facebook warnings to stop posting photos that depicts the IDF jets defending Israel. The one on the right bombing Gaza & ‘killing civilians’ is just one of four posted & removed..

Dr Andre Oboler, a social media expert with a focus on online antisemitism and online public diplomacy, wrote on a Jerusalem post article, “The Jewish Internet Defense Force received a 30 day suspension from Facebook for posting images of IDF planes and asserting that Jews can defend themselves (see image). Efforts to appeal the decision to Facebook staff appear to have fallen on deaf ears.”

This is by no means the first time, the infamous JIDF caused havoc. In January of this year, after being reported by IsraelandStuff, the Jerusalem Post Twitter feed was shut down for a week until it’s current Twitter feed guaranteed the inaccessibility to any and all of David Brotsky’s sockpuppets (listed above with a red *).

The JIDF was sulking after Jerusalem Post feed was removed. The 3 major spam accounts of the JIDF are known as:
1. Elisheva@Baleboosteh
2. Daniella@thejewess
3. Batya@batya_18, and are no longer spamming Jerusalem Post news on Twitter.

If you use these 3 links, you can see how he mass-spams other papers with his hashtags to gain traffic to his account.

Jerusalem Post is no longer their paper of choice.

To demonstrate how insincere and nefarious JIDF’s David Brotsky is, he yells ‘wolf’ about his current FB block, by misleading his followers with a ‘spin’ since he ignored FB warnings, (as mentioned above).
After constant attacks on me daily, using his army of sockpuppets, you can see how many of Brotsky’s accounts received suspensions, blocks and even closed down the Page in his defamation/harassment spam campaign against me.

After being banned and threatened to have his account closed by Facebook, a standard procedure when banned on multiple occasions, David Brotsky would erase his hate-speech and threats a few days afterward, to prevent further Facebook suspensions. Such example are seen below, such as numbers 6, 33 & 32


#1 of 2Facebook Support Dashboard 14 - 33 larger print


An example of Brotsky’s nefarious intentions are also clearly seen by example #16, where he opened a page on my name. From there he post horrific lies and innuendo to discredit me. Facebook closed it down, as it did on other names of people he impersonated (Example #18)


Facebook Suport Dashboard 1-13 larger print


I wish to thank the management and staff of Facebook for having deleted DOZENS of abusive, harassing and slanderous personal comments during the past year on the phony, so-called JIDF – Jewish Internet Defense Force page, who’s creator is a David Brotsky and NOT a David Appletree (another of the many aliases used to support his comments with ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’ and further comments to strengthen his position) as the JIDF accounts falsely claim.


Now, A proven Fraud

And of 15th Sept. Twitter went and did this to the @JIDF account:

JIDF's Verified Status removed.


Well, there you have it! The so called Jewish Internet Defense Force credo is a total farce: Leading the Fight Against Antisemitism & Terrorism. Coordinating Concerned Citizens. Promoting Jewish Pride, Knowledge & Unity. Israel advocacy.

The JIDF is a bully and terrorized me and others

The JIDF coordinated his army of sockpuppets to attack Jews

Engaging in Lashon harah (bad-mouthing & slander/libel) is NOT promoting Jewish pride!

Israel advocacy is Brotsky’s ‘taqiyya’, as shown in his anti-Zionism rant, dissing donations to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, and attacking/libeling scores of pro-Israel activists.


In conclusion,

1) with embedded links to Brotsky’s Twitter accounts regarding anti-Zionists comments, screenshots of his many Facebook censures from  my  Facebook account,

2) That BTW, are  identical to pandering for donations on 4 accounts that are ALSO on the blocked list – #7, #27, #30, and #12

3) A list of 33 cases of meanness, Facebook deemed 21 were for ‘Harassment, 9 were for ‘Hate Speech or Symbol‘ and 3 were ignored because: ‘The Comment/Share was removed before we reviewed it‘ Why were the 3 removed? Proof of Harassment, otherwise it would NOT have been deleted.

The above will not prove to JIDF’s mindless followers the lack of David Brodsky’s veracity, fore they’ll have to admit how stupid they were following this charlatan, scoundrel for so many years.

And seeing what I’ve proven about this vindictive character, I can now anticipate an onslaught of hateful, libelous, ad hominems attacks coming my way, because that’s what he does: impugn one’s character with the most hateful and imaginary claims one’s imagination can think of.




Just as I anticipated David Brotsky began sending followers on Twitter horrible innuendos to impugn my character. Here he comments on my facebook picture with my grandson:

BTW…I believe his “JL” means ‘Jewish Lunatic’.

JIDF innuendo by David Brotsky


One week after this Tweet, Twitter Support took away the JIDF’s Verified status.
On March 30, 2015, Twitter Support terminated David Brotsky’s JIDF account!

My thanks to Twitter!

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