David Brotsky, creator of the JIDF is a Fraud



The Jewish Internet Defense Force is simply a tool for collecting donations.

David Brotsky of the JIDF is a fraud



JIDF Scam Brotsky



Other than a nefarious agenda, why would he exploit 5 of his accounts to re-post (‘share’) and support (‘Like’) a plea for donations to “Support Israel”, when the JIDF has offered no evidence that any of the donations made have ever reached an Israeli (or American) charity?
He continually seeks donations to “Fight Terrorism”, but has never explain how he fights terrorism, certainly not as a soldier or law enforcement officer.


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The Following are all Pages/Accounts that appear to be run by David Brotsky:

David Brotsky Facebook Sockpuppets


This plea to “Support Israel” shows that he’s still at it:

As of Feb 7, 2014:

The #JIDF sockpuppet account has been suspended for unsolicited and defamatory/harassing tweets to Israel and Stuff followers on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatriotForYou/

account suspended

Thank You #Twitter for taking down a #scumbag!