David Brotsky, creator of JIDF is a Fraud – Pockets Donations Sent to Support Israel

David Brotsky FRAUD Creator of the JIDFDavid Brotsky the REAL creator and owner of the The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF), backed by years of bravado to make them appear as an organization that aids Israel, is a front for solicitation of funds for it’s personal use.



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 An example of how his fraud works:

The Scam- Screenshot JIDF page 9, Dec. 2013




Above from Facebook, Seeking Support for Israel etc, with a link to his personal bank account.

Below, his latest from Twitter:



 If David Brotsky was seeking donations for the JIDF (which is completely legitimate) why doesn’t he just say so?

Why the deceptions?



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Still Scammimg

All four Facebook accounts above, are aliases of David Brotsky.