David Brotsky’s Many Suspensions from Facebook for Hate Speech & Harassment

David Brotsky, creator and administrator of the JIDF accounts, oozes in hate speech, name-calling and harassing rhetoric to bully those that disagree with him.

By IsraelandStuff


I wish to thank the management and staff of Facebook for having deleted DOZENS of abusive, harassing and slanderous personal comments during the past year on the phony, so-called JIDF – Jewish Internet Defense Force page, who’s creator is a David Brotsky and NOT a David Appletree (another of the many aliases used to support his comments with ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’ and further comments to strengthen his position) as the JIDF accounts falsely claim.

After being banned and threatened to have his account closed by Facebook, a standard procedure when banned on multiple occasions, David Brotsky would erase his hate-speech and threats a few days afterward, to prevent further Facebook suspensions. Such example are seen below, such as numbers 33 & 32


#1 of 2Facebook Support Dashboard 14 - 33


Facebook Suport Dashboard 1-13

An example of Brotsky’s nefarious intentions are also clearly seen by example #16, where he opened a page on my name. From there he post horrific lies and innuendo to discredit me. Facebook closed it down, as it did on other names of people he impersonated (Example #18)

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In addition, my thanks to Facebook for suspending David Brotsky, the administrator of all the above profiles. Unfortunately, this hateful, page has returned after a lengthy ban by Facebook, which Brotsky referred to on his main JIDF page as a “Facebook glitch”.

Brotsky even called Facebook’s deletions of dozens of his defamatory and hateful comments as “Facebook glitches”. His naïve loyal followers believed his whimsical explanation.

14 July 2014