JIDF, once respected, now a platform for harassment, bullying & libel



For refusing to denounce fellow activists for Israel, and exposing his donation fraud, my name &  IsraelandStuff have become a target of a defamation/harassment campaign that’s been ongoing for the past 30 months.

By Phillip Pasmanick, Israel and Stuff


The JIDF is a malicious, vindictive ‘organization’ of one individual, posting false, and defamatory statements on the web (like the list below for example!), about people that simply had opposing views.

 David Brotsky - JIDF - Jewish Internet Defense Force

The JIDF seems to be run by a someone who’s ramblings reflect a megalomania disposition. He often uses the same retorts or rebuttals (using fake names) against anyone criticizing him, or calling out his rampant online abuse.

David Brotsky, targets, many who continue to work endlessly supporting & defending Israel may have been picked out because the JIDF has become impotent in the last few years (as seen by his continual bragging & re-posting of very old accomplishments) and they think that by eliminating us, they’ll ‘shine’ once again.

This list comes from his JIDF webpage. I cannot speak for most of these names, but many, including myself are advocates for Israel who have done nothing but refuse to be dictated to or accept a bullied opinion by David Brotsky, the JIDF administrator.

Please note, “Phillip Pasmanick” has two accounts, which is against Facebook TOS. He’s also a close associate of Joel Leyden, and is one of the most intellectually dishonest people we’ve ever encountered, actively helping to spread Joel Leyden’s malicious lies and defamation about Jews and Israel supporters, and encouraging harassment. He’s also lying about us, claiming we called him a “fraud” which we did not. Since he continues to spread lies about us and others, however, what do you call someone who does this? “Fraud” might not be a bad word for someone who is indeed spreading vicious lies, no? He is also now trying to extort free publicity from us.

Please note, “Michael Mendelson” has two accounts, which is against Facebook TOS. He’s also a close associate of Joel Leyden, and is one of the most intellectually dishonest people we’ve ever encountered, actively helping to spread Joel Leyden’s malicious lies and defamation about Jews and Israel supporters, and encouraging harassment.

(We believe this is a former business partner of Joel Leyden, and Joel is now stealing his identity to post defamatory spam in an effort to harass Jews and Israel supporters. This account is even linking to antisemitic Holocaust denial sites in their its effort to harass and attack Jews. We’ve researched the real Richard Maize and don’t think this is anything he’d involve himself with, and it does appear that Joel Leyden has been criminally harassing him online as well. We hope to get to the bottom of it soon. We’re uniting with many who have been victimized by Joel Leyden)


BTW… I joined TWO others on this list who FLEW to Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA to get them to take antisemitism seriously. Why is David Brotsky attacking so many Jews that actually spend their own money to fight for Jews & Israel?

Anti-Semitism FB demonstration

Israeli Phillip Pasmanick takes part in a protest at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park on Oct. 14. – Photo: Joyce Goldschmid

I wish to thank the management and staff of Facebook for having deleted over 50 abusive, harassing and slanderous personal comments during the past year on the so-called JIDF – Jewish Internet Defense Force page who’s creator is a David Brotsky and NOT a David Appletree (another of the many aliases used to support his comments with ‘Likes’, ‘Shares’ and further comments to strengthen his position) as the JIDF advertise. (https://www.facebook.com/thejidf)

In addition, I thank Facebook for suspending the administrator and his fake profiles. Unfortunately, this hateful, page has returned after a lengthy ban by Facebook, referred to on their page as “Facebook glitches”. He even called the disappearance of dozens of his defamatory and hateful comments as “Facebook glitches”. His naïve followers believed him.

David Brotsky's (JIDF) FB Sockpuppets

David Brotsky’s (JIDF) FB Sockpuppets


Brotsky states that his page “advocates” for Israel. Yet, whoever is taking all this credit has no professional experience nor support by the Israeli governmental and/or Jewish non-profit organizations. In fact, he is not Israeli, he has never served in the Israel Defense Forces yet he attacks leaders in the Jewish community, well respected Jewish and Christian organizations and members of the IDF and Israeli police. The page may simply be one of the most self aggrandizing pages on Facebook.

We kindly request that the Jewish community AND Friends of Israel condemn these acts of ‘Lashon Hara’ (slander / personal attacks / hate speech) against Israelis, Jews and Christians by UNLIKING their membership on the JIDF Facebook page (Twitter, and other social media platforms) and requesting Facebook to close down the JIDF page.

We urge the Jewish community AND Supporters of Israel on Facebook to continue their critical support of the real Jewish Internet Defense Force which is the Israel Defense Force (IDF) cyber unit. The IDF has dozens of soldiers online protecting Jews in Israel and abroad 24/7.

If you ever see a personal attack on Facebook, please contact Facebook and REPORT them:
1) Click on small triangle on top right side of page
2) Then click: Report Page
3) Then click: I want the page taken down
4) Click: It’s harassing me or someone I know

There is no place for personal attacks and or slander in the Facebook community, Twitter or any public forum.

I’m one of the JIDF targets, and much of the slander that’s being spread by David Brotsky is against me, and a few of my Israel activist friends for whom I totally vouch for.

His attacks are ‘supported’ by links that lead to nowhere, Photoshopped BS that are too numerous to count, collective accusations that are bogus, and outright lies meant to shock the undiscerning reader. His purpose for this charade is to totally discredit me, or whoever he’s currently attacking.

For those who have been supporting me by reporting their posts AND the page: THANK YOU. It is very much appreciated!

Phillip Pasmanick


P.S. He’s constantly asking for cash handouts. IMHO they should be reported as: scam

Still scamming


The ‘Five Faces’ of David Brotsky:



Here is a screenshot from their Twitter account:

Libel on Twitter

How can ANYONE claim to be “Promoting Jewish Pride, Knowledge, & Unity” and DO THAT????!!!! (since YOU are now ON THIS SITE….do you see the ‘malicious code’ as shown below in his hateful & malicious Photoshopped BS?)


The JIDF has PROVEN to be EXACTLY like the enemy they claim they fight.


ALL the different posts on the right side are all aliases/sockpuppets, penned by David Brotsky.

Most of the JIDF “content” consists of attacks on pro-Israel sites rather than on the many enemies of Israel. His so-called JIDF has turned into as vile a group as any they purport to target.


If you have ever had a run-in where you were bullied, harassed or libeled in a public forum PLEASE leave a comment below! …Thanks, Phillip


1) Here is a published article of one of David Brotsky’s victims: http://www.naomilitvin.com/2012/09/exposing-cruelty-of-psychopath-youd.html

2) Here’s how he attacks humble, educated individual with a different opinion, then blocks him, and libels/trashes him behind his back:http://jewschool.com/2010/01/30/20382/my-day-on-twitter-with-david-appletree/

3) And an article about his attacks of Jewish Organizations:

4) Petition to Facebook, Google, Twitter to Ban David Brotsky – PLEASE sign!


  1. Good morning Phillip, Eleizer here. I just posted a comment on the JIDF we-site slamming them for defaming you. Keep up your great work. Dr Eliezer Ben-Joseph

  2. Jonathan Hantman says:

    Unbelievable! He seems to spend most of his Facebook page attacking supporters of Israel, whether its Abe Foxman, Pat Condell or Barbara Streisand! and a lot of the rest is promoting his JIDF branded products. There was a recent post slandering Joel Leyden which I reported. Couldn’t find the stuff about you Phillip, has it been been removed?

  3. Hi Philip,

    Apparently I’m David Appletree’s latest victim (on twitter) and I’m still somewhat confused about the situation.

    I questioned Mr. Appletree’s witch hunt on David Haivri from Shomron. What ever Mr. Haivri did in the past or not, doesn’t matter to me. In my book he is a honourable Zionist.

    Witch hunting Zionist Jewish people is complete the opposite of fighting anti-Semitism and Israel hating douche bags IMHO.

    Beside the JIDF begging for donations all the time was also suspicious. In Appletree’s opinion you are only a good Israel advocate if you donate to the JIDF. This stinks in my book.

    When I questioned Mr. Appletree about all of this, he started making up stuff fully out of cloth, to discredit me. Claiming I am a “Christian Missionary (pretending to be a Jew) who hopes to convert Jews”.

    1. I’m not such a good Christian. I was raced Catholic yet haven’t seen the inside of a Church for at least a decade.

    2. I wonder when did I ever on-line pretended to be Jewish.

    3. Oh yes I converted a Jewish friend once… to Judaism. The friend’s mother was Jewish, which makes him according to Jewish law automatically Jewish. He was struggling with officially becoming a member of the local Kehilla. He was already 30 and the circumcision at such a age isn’t quite a piece of cake. That’s my only “conversion”.

    4. Any one can check me for them selves. My name is Marti van Lin and my handle ML2MST

    The worst of all is obviously some of his followers follow him blindly and don’t see trough the scam. Another possibility is that these followers are even more of his sock puppets, which is a common practice amongst astroturfers.

    All the best,

    Marti van Lin
    Maastricht, the Netherlands

    • Phillip Pasmanick says:

      Marti, I certainly understand your confoundedness at the absurd accusation coming from Appletree’s tweets. (By the way, the coward’s real name is David Brotsky).
      You don’t have to look too far for more of his victims, since a quarter of his tweets are outrageous lies about me & my page. At first I was bewildered at his stubbornness to maintain his erroneous claims (about me) even when MANY people went onto his Facebook page to correct him.

      David Brotsky is as fu(ked up in the brain as any human can be. He’s no less hateful towards Jews that disagree with him, than any neo-Nazi. It may be his reported addiction to painkillers, or something.

      Although I am not following this advice (because of his ongoing pandering for immoral donations at the expense of the needy & deserving) I suggest that you block the shmuck in every possible way, and refuse to answer any of his insane comments. He’s a megalomaniac, refusing to hear anything contrary to his own opinion….and BTW, he uses a dozen sockpuppets to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and kiss is own ass with compliments & supporting statements. If he didn’t have his group of alter egos, he’d be alone in his mother’s Dallas basement……which may explain why he’s so delusional.

      You’re a good man, and a friend of Israel. Where I come from, we would call you a mench!

  4. Sarah Rankin says:

    He harrassed me for over a year ~ to the extreme ~ i do not know why he finally stopped? but I pray for Him as it is obvious that he is filled with violence ~ We are to love our enemies & perhaps they will turn away & repent ~

    • israelandstuffcom says:

      Sarah, after he targeted me, he was unable to handle anyone else, since my new mates on twitter refused to take his abuse…now there are at least five hitting back and taking legal action.

  5. Hi,
    I tweeted an article from Israel & Stuff yesterday (Hamas Deep in Sewage) and a Pete Reynolds replied to my tweet, “FYI that site is run by a fraud who harasses Jews with Nazi videos”.
    Is this man an alias for Brotsky?
    Keep up your good work. Your material is very helpful.

    • Phillip Pasmanick says:

      Well Done! YES, he is a Twitter sockpuppet of David Brotsky. (Listed ABOVE on the Twitter list of sockpuppets)
      He’s doing his best to discredit me for exposing his immoral attempts to obtain ‘donations’ by telling his followers on his JIDF site: “If you Support Israel and are against terrorism….” ….as if he actually fights terrorism!….or your donations to him actually support Israel!

      Thanks so much for your patronage! I appreciate your support!

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