Jerusalem Post Twitter Feed Returns After JIDF Defamatory Spams Forced its Removal

Israel’s largest English language daily returns Twitter feed to its paper, without JIDF access.

The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF), a notorious and extremely aggressive group, forced the Jerusalem Post to discontinue its public twitter feed because of sockpuppet spamming and defamatory posts.

By IsraelandStuff


JIDF’s exploitation of the Jerusalem Post Twitter feed forced Israel’s largest English Language Newspaper to remove the feed from it’s website in early January.

JIDF flooded the paper’s feed with massive spams including hashtags (#) to JIDF, as self promotion.

Using shadow accounts (aliases or ‘sockpuppets’) the creator of the one-man organization, David Brotsky, would also viciously attack Jerusalem Post reporters on a personal level (2nd photo below) or Israel activists with defamatory articles to discredit them, just because they don’t share JIDF’s radical views.

Now, that the JIDF can no longer attack, spam or libel followers, the feed has returned.


JIDF attacks of Jerusalem Post without link

JIDF attacks Phillip Pasmanick with highly defamatory Tweet on the Jerusalem Post news feed. This libelous Tweet, is sent to two additional JIDF accounts for further distribution. 1) @Baleboosteh, 2) @JIDF


Of his dozen plus accounts, three were constant mass-spammers, that occasionally made libelous, defamatory tweets leaving the Jerusalem Post no choice other than discontinuing the service.

The 3 major spam accounts of the JIDF are known as:
1. Elisheva@Baleboosteh,
2. Daniella@thejewess
3. Batya@batya_18



Now, the JIDF is sulking after J’Post feed has been removed. The three sockpuppets, listed above, are no longer spamming Jerusalem Post news on Twitter. HAARETZ, in the meantime, is now their paper of choice.

Once again, through the nefarious use if it’s many aliases (sockpuppets) who attack Jews, Israel supporters, and pro-Israel concerns, the Jewish Internet Defense Force has proven itself an embarrassment to Israel & pro-Israel activists.

the reason

The JIDF attacks a J’Post Reporter with an extreamly defamatory accusation and retweets (RT) with another JIDF account @thejews, to further spam the improper comment.


The following accounts are considered JIDF accounts (sockpuppets or loyally blind supporters) for frequently interacting when attacking anyone that refuses to accept David Brotsky’s ‘directions’.

* Elisheva@Baleboosteh
* Daniella@thejewess
* Batya@batya_18
* Pete Reynolds@PatriotForYou
* ✡ עם ישראל חי@thejews
* DAVID@DavidAppletree2+
* Steven Harding ‏@DefenderOfJews
* DAVID ProtectedTweets@DavidAppletree
* Tweet 4#GiladShalit@Tweet4Shalit
* BAGELS @TheBagels
* T.J @ReaganRepublic
* Terry@olddogterry46
* jim@philippians4_1
* Ethan@txethan
* Daniel‏@noahidedan


If any the above Twitter accounts are not David Brotsky, they parrot the same word phrases when attacking their prey, first targeted by the JIDF.