The Death of 4 Gaza Civilians Killed by the Israel Air Force

What’s curious is Hamas admitted that these were member of the Al Qassam Brigades on the day they were killed. It was all over pro-jihadi forums that very same day.

By the elder of ziyon –


The Elder of Ziyon blogger reveled today that the Palestinian Center for Human Rights , that “human rights” organization that the UN relies upon to determine its death statistics from Gaza, reported on July 29:

– At approximately 06:00, an Israeli drone fired a missile near a house belonging to Ahmed Sa’id all-Hashash in al-Hashash neighborhood in the north of Rafah.  When members of the family attempted to evacuate the house taking their disabled mother out, the Israeli drone fired a missile at them.  When a number of their relatives attempted to help them, the Israeli drone fired a third missile at them. 

As a result of these attacks, 6 civilians were killed: Ibrahim Ahmed al-Hashash, 16; Mohammed Ahmed al-Hashash, 18; Mas’oud Ahmed al-Hashash, 20; Sa’id Ahmed al-Hashash, 20; their mother Hana’ Ali al-Hashash, 43; and Mohammed Mousa al-Hashash, 20. 

Eleven civilians were also wounded.  


Here are the Hamas “mujahid martyr” posters for 4 of these family members:

4 dead hamas civilians

There is no way that PCHR didn’t know that this was a family of Hamas terrorists, but that didn’t stop them from calling them all “civilian.”

So when you see statistics of how 75% of those killed in Gaza are civilians – here is what a lot of those “civilians” look like.

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