The Jewish Jew-Basher is Now Bashing Us All

David Brotsky, the ‘brains’ behind the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) has now begun his Jew-bashing campaign on Twitter targeting all Jews, not just pro-Israel advocates.

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After a month of retweeting the same Jewish dating advertisement 4 or 5 times, along with his YouTube music clips, David Brotsky has returned to his Jew-bashing. This is nothing new, as the JIDF page has long been Brotsky’s platform for attacking Jews that either disagree with his comments or refuse to adhere to his demands, as published here.


As a precaution, in case David Brotsky quickly removes his derogatory and anti-Semitic tweet, I’m adding a screenshot of his Tweet here below:

JIDF Tweet Violent Yidden

Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal of this, after exposing his tweets dissuading Jews from Aliya, or donating to Israel institutions like Hadassah for example, but since David Brotsky boasts to “Coordinating Concerned Citizens. Promoting Jewish Pride, Knowledge & Unity. Israel advocacy.” as his motto on the JIDF Facebook page, I feel I must remind this self proclaimed ‘Advocate for Israel’ that his Tweet above (that’s sent out to over 60,000 [foolish sic.] followers), is erroneous and demeaning if not detrimental to Israel.

Whereas ‘we’ are far from perfect, and have done awful things, by design or error, here is a list that does separate us, from our enemies:

  1. We do not drive into random crowds to maim & kill civilians of all ages
  2. We do not slash and murder women (anyone actually) with 8″ kitchen knives (or any knives)
  3. We do not behead children in their beds (or anyone anywhere)
  4. We do not wear suicide belts and blow up, in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, buses, or bus stops….or ANYWHERE at anytime.
  5. We do not hijack planes
  6. We do not fly planes into buildings
  7. We do not throw folks in wheelchairs overboard into the sea

Because of the numerous accounts exploited by David Brotsky and his JIDF that have attacked me, I have reported him often to Twitter. Although, I have been so far unsuccessful in having his account permanently suspended, he has ‘paid’ for his attacks:

JIDF's Verified Status removed Tweet

In my humble opinion, it’s high time Twitter & Facebook woke up, recognize the bully for his harassment/defamation campaign he’s waged/waging on pro-Israel Social Media activists, and close him down.

The Jewish Internet Defense Force is a farce, an embarrassment to the pro-Israel community, and the Jewish people.

I’m simply flabbergasted at the high number of his ‘devoted followers’ not clever enough to see through his façade.

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