The JIDF Attacks Jewish Orgs while pocketing donations sent to “Support Israel” & “Fight Terrorism”

The creator of the Jewish Internet Defense Force exploited his ‘army of sockpuppets’ to attack me & others that opposes, what many may call, his illicit and immoral livelihood.



David Brotsky, the creator of the JIDF, who hides behind the alias of David Appletree, is notorious for his negativity and public condemnations when it comes to Jewish and Israeli institutions. Here is his latest. Is this really the way an advocate of Israel is supposed to behave?

#(the coward deleted the above on 30/7/2014. Now he will deny it, and call me a liar.  Because I’m posting a screenshot below, he’ll say its a Photoshop  lol)


JIDF attacks Hadassah & ZOA

So, as the JIDF is condemning one of Israel’s most prestigious and innovative Hospitals, he’s pandering, via the most insidious plan, through his ‘Empire of aliases & groups’.

Is the reason why he attacks legitimate Jewish/Israeli institutions because he really isn’t a Zionist, and prefers donations to Israel actually go to the PayPal account of David Brotsky?


David Brotsky - JIDF - Jewish Internet Defense Force

In the meantime, the JIDF’s creator, David Brotsky, continues to troll Twitter and Facebook, using from the above alias accounts and/or proxies to attack with vicious lies to discredit whoever may challenge his immoral pandering for donations he claims are meant to “Support Israel” and “Fight Terrorism”. If nothing else, I assure you he does NOT fight terrorism, nor has he ever produced any documentation that the donations received went for such efforts!


David Brotsky - JIDF - Jewish Internet Defense Force SCAM


Read more about the JIDF at:


ALL FOUR Facebook groups below are operated and administered by David Brotsky. He also exploits these groups as sockpuppets to gang up against those Brotsky attacks to appear as if many agree with Brotsky.


JIDF is Still Scammimg

This plea to “Support Israel” shows that he’s still at it: