Security Seminar Tours

Stuck in the mud? No problem! This tank unit goes through everything!

Accompany me on a guided tour of an IDF outpost on Israel’s border with Lebanon where combat soldiers are stationed. This is allowed by the IDF for Taglit and similar  (English speaking only) youth\student groups between the ages of 16-26 yrs old, limited to one bus and up to a total of 50 individuals per visit. These regulations are strictly enforced, and the trip may be cancelled if even one person is underage.

Anyone wishing to book a lecture or tour for their group, may do so through ‘Contact Us’ (in header above)




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Phillip Pasmanick’s Israel Security Seminar



(below) The Medics put on a drill for this Birthright-Taglit group that came from the US.

Didn’t drink enough? No problem. An IDF medic has an infusion for you!