Why Palestinian leaders call for ‘2-State Solution’, but will always reject it


There are three major reasons why a ‘Two-State Solution’ has never materialized, despite previous attempts by several Israeli prime ministers & U.S. presidents. They are Religion, Politics, and of course, Personal Wealth.
– The exorbitant financial gains to EVERY Palestinian leader demonstrates the urgency in changing the self-appointed leadership, and its agenda of promoting hate & funding violence.

By Phillip Pasmanick


The political reasons:

Every attempt to secure an agreement of peace has been refused by Arab leadership.

No No No for 8th time


  • Peace would/should mean the Arab’s end to ‘war/conflict’ with Israel and the Jews. – But that thought is seen as intolerable, unacceptable, even as a total betrayal of beliefs among radical Islamists in the Palestinian Authority.
  • Demands to repatriate a million refugees into Israel would end any Jewish State, which is why it’s a non-negotiable demand by Arab leaders.
  • The UN acknowledges ONLY the PLO as “The sole representative of the Palestinian people.” That’s why Abbas is the only negotiation ‘partner’.
  • Unfortunately, Abbas doesn’t have a mandate by OVER 50% of his people to speak for them. This explains why Mahmoud Abbas has refused to call for elections, EVEN though he was elected for ONLY a 4 year term in 2005.
  • ALL groups that are not members of the PLO, i.e. Hamas, Islamic Jihad etc. refuse to recognize the State of Israel.
  • After generations of hateful state sponsored indoctrination, any Palestinian endorsing peace would be assassinated. (Which was the reason Arafat snuck out of Camp David when then Israeli PM Barack capitulated and agreed to demands.)

The reason why peace doesn’t pay:

  • Every Palestinian leader has become a millionaire (at worst) or a billionaire (at best).
  • Even the obscure Hamas leaders, only a decade after winning elections in Gaza, have become BILLIONAIR€$.
  • Abbas has become a billionaire, his sons both mega-millionaires since Arafat died a multi-billionaire.
  • Should peace be realized, the ability to skim public funds become less accessible. The ‘Golden Goose’ stops sending billions into the accounts of the PLO & Hamas.
  • Why would Palestinian leaders end personal wealth for themselves (and their families/clans) when maintaining the conflict adds to their family’s fortunes, daily?



The withdrawals from generations of addiction:

  • UNRWA, except with area executives appointed by UN bureaucrats, hires almost exclusively only Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. So, tens of thousands of Palestinians are employed & paid from UN funds (at western taxpayers’ expense) to oversee FREE medical, FREE education and dozens of social enterprises to millions that are deemed Palestinian ‘refugees’….even after 3rd generation.
  • Palestinians in the West Bank, are prohibited by law from doing business with Jewish enterprises. Selling land, a home or a business to a Jew is punishable by death. Imprisonment is divvied out to Palestinians who hire or collaborate with Israelis.

Palestinian state lacks practical feasibility

  •  After more than a decade since Israel withdrew from Gaza, the territory still doesn’t produce or export enough to maintain its economy, even though billions have been pouring in to allow an economy to grow & flourish.
  • Every effort has been made to maintain the addiction to foreign aid that props up Abbas, pays his security agencies, and subsidizes remaining social services that UNRWA doesn’t cover, such as fire brigade and garbage collection.
  • Although funds have been transferred to modernize and renovate a dilapidated water infrastructure, more water is wasted than actually used, and electricity supplied by Israel was rarely paid for until recently signed agreements with the Palestinian Authority.




It’s contrary to the personal interests of the (past and) current leadership of the Palestinians, in both the Palestinian Authority or Gaza, to change the status quo. Only maintaining the ongoing conflict guarantees the continual laying of golden eggs by the ‘Golden Goose’ (a.k.a. UN, EU, US, UK and occasionally a Muslim state here & there).

Even if a leader thought of making peace, neither the Palestinian Authority nor Gaza could maintain an autonomous country, since they lack any major industry, technology or agricultural infrastructure to provide for their citizens, yet alone think about major exports.

Finally, the autocrat Abbas advertises a ‘Pay to Slay’ Jews program, which has been a decades long Palestinian priority, even paying the terrorists’ families their monthly payments before paying salaries to Authority personnel during times of financial crises. This incitement has instilled such a deep hatred of Jews that will take generations to be rid of.

Abbas’ pensions to terrorists – updated 2017 ($1 = 3.6 shekels in 10/2019)

So, the majority of the Palestinians refuse to accommodate any resemblance of a Jewish State in what they consider stolen Islamic lands. Entrenched in the oppressive atmosphere of radical Islam, no Palestinian leader would dare sign an agreement out of the fear of being assassinated….or losing his ‘Golden Goose’.

In conclusion, the self-appointed Palestinian leadership will always call for a ‘Two-State Solution’, but will continue to reject it by sabotaging any & all all peace initiatives… and no U.S. President, EU leader, or even Arab leader, can change that.








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