Security Seminar Lecture

Although no longer used for ‘guarding’ the border, you still get a great view into Lebanon!


Welcome to the Northern Galilee!!

Come along with me to a fortified position on the northern side of the kibbutz, which includes guard towers and 2 tank turrets. From this defensive position, you will have a panoramic view of the Israeli, Lebanese and Syrian borders. A collection of rockets & mortars, weapon & spent ammunition, along with helmets & body armor are on display (wonderful for kids of all ages). A shaded seating area is provided.  One bus, all ages. Recommended for summer and dry winter days.




Careful!…Don’t trip over the katusha rocket!

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Phillip Pasmanick’s Israel Security Seminar





A group from the US listen intensely as Phillip explains how residents of the Kibbutzim & Moshavim stayed safe & secure as Hezbollah shot rockets into the Northern Galilee.