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  1. karenJohnson says:

    I would allso like to join a yeshevah male.
    because a womens yesheavah feminen
    a male is the correct way.

  2. That needs to be discussed with your Rabbi.

    • Lewis Percher says:

      Why did you give me such a mean looking avatar? You know deep down I’m a sweet, gentle guy.

      • The site does it automatically….maybe it was your magnetism 🙂

        • Lewis Percher says:

          If…or rather I should actually say WHEN we one day meet in person, I SWEAR to you, you’ll simply REFUSE to believe that this incredibly quiet, in fact barely audible, overly soft-spoken wallflower of a guy is actually that frothing at the mouth rabid “bully” of a Zionist named “LEWIS PERCHER”.

          And in return, even though I’m sure you’ve got one, a Jew with a southern Georgia drawl will just seem to me like the most bizarre juxtaposition I can’t even imagine.

          Reminds me of a quick joke:

          A couple of NYC Jews wearing kippahs are driving down to Florida, (or as I refer to the Sunshine State: “G@d’s waiting room”.)

          But taking the I-95, the drive takes like two days, so they have to find some motel to stay somewhere pretty much halfway, in Georgia.

          So they turn off on some wrong exit, and long story short, they find themselves totally lost in the middle of nowhere on some narrow state highway.

          To make matters worse, they run outta gas, and wind up stuck on the shoulder of the highway wondering what they’re gonna do.

          Only then it REALLY gets scary!

          This pick-up truck with four red-necks in the cab and another four riding in back notices the two kippah clad Jews and pulls over.

          A couple of the meanest looking ones slowly walk over to the stalled car. With that sorta “playful-evil” smile on their faces, they walk up to the totally petrified Jews and call back to the other six:

          “Well hot-diggity, boys!!! Looky here!!!Looks like we found ourselves a couple-a JEWS!!! Hehehehehe.”

          At this point the Jews just crap their pants.

          “Y’are Dyooo-boys, aren’t ya fellahs?”

          With the kippahs their was no sense even trying to deny it. The one in the driver’s seat in a totally trembling voice admits: “Uhhh, yes…we are Jewish”.

          After like a 10 second pause that felt like an eternity to the two Yids literally shaking in fear, wondering what form of hell their about to face, one of the two locals slams his hand down on the roof of the car so hard it almost gave the two a heart attack in their state of EXTREME fear, and shouts back to the six others in the pick-up:

          “Well, yeeeee-haaaaaw!!!”

          “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a MINYAN!!!”


    • Lewis Percher says:

      Thanks. I get the same kinda thing being from Canada:

      -You mean there are Jews in Canada?

      -When discussing Torah, do you guys say stuff like: “And the Lord asked Cain: Where’s yer brother, eh”? To which Cain responded: “What are you talkin’ aboot, eh? Ye’know I ain’t my brother’s keeper, eh!”

      -And the Lord was like, “okeydoke”. Ya murdered yer brother. I hereby sentence you to the full punishment of the law: Three years of house arrest with the possibility of parole next Monday. So’ya commin’ up to my place to watch the game, eh? The Atlanta Flames (remember them? lol) are playin’ the Montreal Canadiens, eh! Gonna be one wicked ass game, eh!

      How often do you come back to visit NA (if you do at all). Got relatives here I guess?

  3. Fabian Jolivet says:

    Amo a Israel! Regalo de dioses al pueblo judío!

    • Lewis Percher says:

      I’m not even sure what language that is (Espanol?) but it’s close enough to French for me to decrypt.

      [“Love to Israel! God Bless the Jewish People!”] (?)

      Gracias, Fabian!

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  5. ofori-nyarko dominic says:

    Dear sir,i loved to convert to judaism,and i need help and directions.thank you!shalom!

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