John F. Kennedy Jr’s surprising support & praise of career anti-Semites

Robert F Kennedy Jr. stirs up a firestorm following his tweet praising Roger Waters, then backpedals with other tweets, before deleting them all…without a word.

By Phillip Pasmanick


With all the controversy currently surrounding Roger Waters during his concerts in Germany, the outspoken anti-Israel and propagator of antisemitic concert props, the rocker admitted to being “Blown Away” after reading a Tweet sent to him from Presidential Democrat candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Screenshot taken prior to it’s being Deleted by Author – IsraelandStuff


Following our Tweet to express our disappointment of his association with, and praise of the generally recognized antisemite, hordes of similar Tweets were flooding his Tweeter feed.

It didn’t take long before his tweet, along with all the responses disappeared.

Roger’s retweet now lacks the praise & recognition he so yearned for:

So now, his cleanup begins, with back-peddling and with RFK Jr’s explanation.

RFK Jr’s second set of tweets – Screenshot: IsraelandStuff


Of course we had to respond to his comments. This was sent to him:



Well, it only took a few minutes for our Tweet, and everything else to get deleted by Robert Kennedy Jr.

Tweets of disappointment and anger began to saturate Twitter.

All of a sudden, more ‘questionable’ items of interest began to appear, such as this photo with rabid antisemite Louis Farrakhan, the American black supremacist and religious leader who heads the Nation of Islam.

Robert F. Kennedy and Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan – Taken from Twitter


Then a Tweet he sent to Code Pink surfaced.

RFK Jr tweets support to @CODEPINK – Twitter

For those unfamiliar with this women’s organization, they are radically biased against Israel, often using demonization, the delegitimization of Israel and always exercising a double-standard in almost every post about Israel.

Equally as outrageous is that Code Pink protested, disrespected, and disrupted American military funerals. Maybe Code Pink should be classified as a ‘Hate Group’?

Here’s an example of their bias, not pointing out the conflict included massive rocket salvoes on Israeli cities from Gaza, nor that the killed were mostly armed terrorists or that most of the civilians killed were a result of the home-made rockets falling short & exploding inside Gaza.

This entire event with RFK Jr’s tweets sent, then deleted, along with his praise to other known antisemites raises many questions.
– Can it be he really didn’t know of Roger Waters rich & decades long antisemitic history?
– What was he doing with the rabid American black supremacist & antisemite, Louis Farrakhan?
– And having sought out Code Pink to send them such praise, could it also be that he was ignorant of their antisemitic policies as well?

Many on Twitter drew conclusions between RFK Jr. and his Adolf Hitler supporting grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr, a former US Ambassador to the United Kingdom during the Holocaust.


This one clear analysis posted widely is worthy of consideration:






‘as a light unto the nations’