UPDATED: Hamas fires 400 rockets at Israeli civilians • 1 dead • 67 Israelis injured

WATCH Hamas video: Thinking it was a school-bus, Hamas fired a Kornet anti-tank guided missile, leaving a 19 yr-old IDF soldier in critical condition.

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A rocket launched from the Gaza Strip on Monday hit a residential building, killing at least one man [40 yr-old Palestinian father of 6 – I&S] and leaving several others injured, including a woman in critical condition.

Another rocket hit an Israeli bus carrying Israel Defense Forces soldiers, leaving a 19-year-old in critical condition.

Israel said it responded with air strikes “throughout the Gaza Strip” that hit over 70 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets, killing at least two Palestinians and injuring more according to the Gaza health ministry.

IDF said that at least 400 launches were identified, with about 60 interceptions by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

Reports suggest that Gaza militant factions intentionally coordinated the attack on the bus with a precision rocket in the afternoon, expecting to cause greater casualties at the end of the school day, but Israel was said to order the closure of schools following the preceding evening’s escalation.

A residential building Ashkelon was struck by rocket fire on Monday night with Israeli media reporting two injured.

Police and bomb disposal units were working to defuse a number of projectiles that landed in the southern Israeli city.

Three more people were reported lightly injured in Israel’s southern city of Sderot, as rocket alerts continued to sound near the border but also as far as the Dead Sea and Hebron.

The military wing of Gaza’s ruling Hamas claimed responsibility for the barrage of rockets fired into southern Israel.

“The joint command of Palestinian factions announce the beginning of bombardments of the enemy’s settlements with scores of rockets,” the Ezzedine al Qassam Brigades group said in a statement.

Hamas had vowed revenge after the clash that erupted during an Israeli special forces operation in the Gaza Strip late Sunday, killing eight people.

50 IDF soldiers on the bus singing “Al Hanisim” mere minutes before being hit by guided missile:



Tuesday, 13 November 2018

8:40 AM
Kuwait, Bolivia request urgent UN Security Council meeting on Gaza
8:17 AM
Education Minister Naftali Bennett says he did not oppose halting attacks on Hamas
7:59 AM
Liberman says his position on Gaza has not changed, denies opposing halt to Israeli attacks on Hamas
7:43 AM
Israel’s security cabinet unanimously voted in favor of ceasefire in Gaza
6:53 AM
Rocket sirens continue to blast through Gaza border communities
6:48 AM
Security cabinet instructs IDF to continue operations in Gaza ‘as necessary’
6:37 AM
Another round of rocket sirens blast through Gaza border communities
6:33 AM
Senior Hamas official says will stop rocket assault if ‘Israel stops its aggression’, adds ‘all mediators must stop Israel’
6:14 AM
Gaza’s health ministry says one Palestinian killed, three injured by Israeli fire
6:10 AM
Security cabinet consultations on Gaza escalation end after more than six hours
5:30 AM
Rocket fired from Gaza hits residential building in Ashkelon; no injuries reported
5:08 AM
Palestinian media reports say that Gazan militant groups have agreed to end their rocket bombardment against Israel at the request of mediators. The reports say the rocket fire will end at 3:30 p.m. local time. The report, which emerged approximately an hour before the groups were due to halt the projectile launches, came as a new round of rocket alert sirens blared in Israeli communities near the Gaza border.
4:30 AM
President Reuven Rivlin visited Israeli citizens under fire in the town of Netivot, adjacent to the Gaza border. Rivlin urged residents of the area to “take good care of themselves” and heed all orders given by the IDF. Expressing solidarity with residents of the region on behalf of the country, Rivlin said: “I have said in the past and I will continue to say, the area around Gaza is the whole of Israel. When the sirens are screaming here, we hear them in our hearts in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and all over the country.”
4:27 AM
The man found dead under the rubble of an apartment building in Ashkelon that sustained a direct missile hit shortly after midnight on Tuesday has been identified as 48-year-old Mahmoud Abu Asbah, a Palestinian resident of the West Bank town of Halhul, north of Hebron.
4:24 AM
Israeli security cabinet reconvenes
3:09 AM
Turkey calls on Israel to “immediately stop” strikes against the Gaza Strip, urging the international community to act as the escalation in violence threatened to descend into full-blown conflict. Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said, quoted by state news agency Anadolu, said: “Israel must immediately stop its attacks against the Gaza population. The international community, which stays silent in the face of Israel’s attacks, must take responsibility and take action”.
3:01 AM
Israel’s political-security cabinet breaks for a brief recess after huddling for nearly four hours of discussions at the military’s headquarters in Tel Aviv. Cabinet is expected to reconvene and continue discussions shortly.
2:26 AM
‘Joint committee’ of Gaza armed groups threatens to extend range of rockets to 40 kilometers if Israeli attacks continue
2:05 AM
A rocket exploded near a kindergarten in Israel’s south after rocket sirens sounded in border communities
2:01 AM
Palestinian death toll from retaliatory Israeli strikes rises to six, after a helicopter fired at a group of Gazans seen attempting to breach the border fence. Gaza’s health ministry identified the sixth Palestinian killed as Mossaab Hus, 20.
1:57 AM
The municipalities of Ra’anana central Israel and Binyamina-Givat Ada in north-central Israel are offering respite to residents under fire in communities adjacent to the Gaza border. Municipal hotlines in Ra’anana (*9107) and Binyamina (04-6389746) were opened for families who wish to register to host residents of the south offering them respite from near-constant rocket bombardment.
1:41 AM
UNRWA spokesman for Palestinian refugees says all services besides schools remain open in Gaza today and urges restraint from both sides. “Staff report the ground and buildings shaking as if an earthquake is striking. All sides must support ceasefire efforts to avoid descent into Gaza’s fourth war in a decade.”
1:39 AM
Egypt-UN delegation reportedly scheduled to visit Gaza and Israel Wednesday in attempt to salvage ceasefire amid major flareup
1:34 AM
IDF says combat helicopter attacked a number of Palestinians seen crossing the security fence from Gaza
1:31 AM
Senior Hamas leader says Netanyahu can end the escalation by dismissing Defense Minister Liberman, “who has caused this round with his stupidity”
12:45 AM
Senior Hamas official quoted in Palestinian media claims: “We are holding intensive talks with many international, Islamic and Western elements in order to stop the Zionist occupation’s attack on the people of Gaza.”
12:38 AM
IDF relaxes certain restrictions on Gaza border communities; studies allowed to resume in protected kindergartens in regional councils and non-essential work allowed to resume, provided “proximity to a protected area”
12:30 AM
Fresh round of sirens sound in Israeli communities as ‘joint committee’ of Gaza armed groups threatens to extend range of rockets to 40 kilometers if Israeli attacks continue

Monday 12 November 2018

11:51 PM
IDF says launched a number of strikes on Hamas naval vessels in Gaza
11:46 PM
IDF says carrying out a ‘wide-scale strike’ on military targets across the Gaza Strip in response to ongoing rocket bombardments
11:45 PM
IDF says aircraft fired at terrorist involved in launching projectiles into Israeli territory. One Palestinian reported killed.
11:37 PM
New round of rocket alert sirens sound in Gaza border communities
11:30 PM
Number of Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes rises to six
10:13 PM
Rocket sires sound in Gaza border communities minutes after IDF says citizens can leave protected areas
10:02 PM
PA President Abbas has cut short his visit to Kuwait to return to Ramallah
10:02 PM
Number of Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza Strip rises to four
9:58 PM
Health ministry says PA President Abbas authorized shipments of medical aid convoys to the Gaza Strip from the West Bank
9:28 PM
Netanyahu to chair security cabinet meeting at 09:00 a.m. local time at Tel Aviv military headquarters
7:09 PM
Fresh round of sirens warning of incoming rockets in southern communities
6:19 PM
Some 70 Gaza rockets fired overnight, ‘dozens’ intercepted by Iron Dome, says IDF spokesperson
5:40 PM
Israel bombs command center of Hamas’s internal security forces
5:38 PM
Israel’s envoy to the UN Danny Danon calls on the international body to ‘condemn Hamas in the strongest terms for its indiscriminate attacks against innocent civilian populations.’
4:30 PM
More sirens warning of incoming rockets in south
3:50 PM
Palestinian media report new Israeli air raid in southern Gaza
3:30 PM
Man killed by rocket fire in Ashkelon reported to be Palestinian residing in Israel illegally. Subsequent reports cite his age as ‘around 40,’ rather than 60.
3:18 PM
Gaza Health Ministry reports man, 22, dead in Israeli strikes, fourth Palestinian fatality of the day
2:48 PM
UN Secretary-General ‘is following closely the latest security developments in Gaza. He urges all parties to exercise maximum restraint. The United Nations Special Coordinator, Nickolay Mladenov, is working closely with Egypt and all concerned parties to restore calm.’
2:11 PM
The lifeless body of a man aged around 60 found in the Ashkelon building hit by a rocket hours earlier.
1:16 PM
Israel bombs the headquarters of the military intelligence wing of Hamas
1:14 PM
Alert sirens sound across Gaza border communities as continuous rocket fire enters seventh consecutive hour
1:11 PM
Woman, 60, in critical condition from shrapnel injury as another Gaza rocket lands in residential area in Ashkelon
1:08 PM
20 reported injured in Ashkelon, seven wounded from projectiles while 13 suffering from emotional distress
12:23 PM
Number of projectiles fired at Israel up to 400
12:14 PM
Alert sirens continue to sound as IDF says over 300 rockets launched from Gaza, most landing in open spaces while dozens intercepted by Iron Dome
11:45 AM
IDF ‘destruction’ of building housing Hamas-run television channel Al-Aqsa will widen the ‘resistance response’, Islamic Jihad spokesperson says
11:37 AM
Building in Ashkelon directly hit by Gaza rocket, local media reports
11:30 AM
Heavy rocket fire incoming from Gaza as alert sirens blare, reports of interceptions by Iron Dome
11:15 AM
Security cabinet will reconvene at the army’s headquarters on Tuesday at 16:00
11:05 AM
IDF reportedly given ‘green light’ to amplify attacks on Gaza, following security cabinet consultations in which ‘operational decisions were made’
11:00 AM
IDF struck Hamas’ al-Aqsa television station in Gaza according to Palestinian media
8:11 AM
Rocket strikes a house in Ashkelon
8:05 AM
Palestinian health ministry says two killed, several injured by Israeli strikes
7:50 AM
Rocket alert sirens sound in Ashkelon
7:46 AM
IDF Homefront Command instructs residents of Ashdod, Beer Sheba residents to stay close to bomb shelters
7:39 AM
Netanyahu and Liberman hold security consultation at central army base with chief of staff and senior defense officials
7:38 AM
Hamas claims responsibility for rocket barrage on Israel
7:23 AM
Rocket alert sirens sound in Dead Sea area
7:12 AM
‘Joint operations room’ of Palestinian factions says barrage of rockets fired into Israel ‘response’ to Sunday night IDF operation
7:09 AM
IDF says fighter jets have begun striking ‘terror targets throughout Gaza Strip’
6:50 AM
IDF says has struck over 20 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza Strip as strikes continue to be carried out in response to over 100 rockets fired into Israel
6:50 AM
Barrage of rockets fired from Gaza, at least two projectiles hit border communities while others intercepted by Iron Dome
6:44 AM
IDF says bus directly hit by ‘terrorist fire’ from Gaza, reports of one seriously injured
6:43 AM
Rocket alerts continue to sounds across southern border communities, central Negev
6:20 AM
Rocket alert sirens sound in Gaza border communities