Israel to host Global Forum on ‎Counterterrorism, Incitement and Cyber Threats

This coming week in Jerusalem, Homeland security ministers from 17 countries will be gathering for the annual Global Forum on ‎Counterterrorism, Incitement and Cyber Threats, which according to Israel’s Public security minister, is ‘recognition of Israel’s abilities.’

By Itsik Saban and Israel Hayom Staff


Top security officials from around the world are ‎slated to attend the first Global Forum on ‎Counterterrorism, Incitement and Cyber Threats in ‎Jerusalem next week.‎

The three-day conference, scheduled to be held ‎on June 12-14, is an initiative promoted by Public ‎Security Minister Gilad Erdan. President Reuven ‎Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and ‎intelligence, police and military officials will ‎attend the symposium, alongside homeland and public ‎security ministers from the United States, Canada, ‎Germany, Albania, Romania, Azerbaijan, Greece, ‎Bulgaria, Rwanda, Hungary, Georgia, Ghana, Latvia, ‎Croatia, Paraguay, Lithuania, and Serbia.‎

Israel Cyber Defense – Israel Police Spokesperson Dept.

The conference represents the first forum of its ‎kind and aims to form an international coalition ‎against incitement and cyber threats as part of the ‎war on terror.‎ It was designed with the ‎understanding that just as terrorist organizations ‎operate on an international level, there is a need for ‎cross-state cooperation on the war on terror, as well. ‎

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, Police ‎Commissioner Roni Alsheikh, Mossad Director Yossi ‎Cohen, Shin Bet Director Nadav Argaman and other top ‎security officials are expected to brief the ‎visiting ministers on Israel’s counterterrorism ‎strategies, especially with respect to lone-wolf ‎terrorism, which is a growing global phenomenon.‎

The ministers will also become privy to Israeli ‎counterterrorism technologies, including the unique and ongoing cooperation between Israel and Germany, and will observe a ‎special presentation by the Israel Police ‎Counterterrorism Unit simulating a hostage ‎situation.

Border Guard policemen -Photo: משטרת-ישראל

Israel’s experience in the field has made it into a ‎global leader on counterterrorism, and its success ‎in battling lone-wolf terrorism in Jerusalem is ‎being studied worldwide, prompting numerous ‎countries to seek collaboration with Israeli ‎security forces on this issue.‎

Public Security Minister Erdan, PM Netanyahu and Police chief Alsheikh at the fire department’s command center in northern Israel. – Photo courtesy: PMO

‎”The State of Israel and the Israel Police are at ‎the forefront of the war on terror,” Erdan said. ‎‎”Our complex reality, in which we constantly deal ‎with terrorist threats, has led to Israel having a ‎significant arsenal of counterterrorism measures. ‎

‎”Israel has become a global leader in the fight ‎against terrorism and the Israel Police wants to ‎both share our knowledge and learn from others,” he ‎continued. “The fact that many ministers chose to ‎come to Israel to learn from us and to cooperate is ‎no small thing. Lone-wolf terrorists, who act ‎spontaneously and systematically, harm innocent ‎people all over the world, so we must work together ‎to eradicate terrorism.” ‎

Holding the conference in Jerusalem, he said, ‎‎”attests to the international recognition of ‎Israel’s counterterrorism prowess.”


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