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Report: No. 2 city for tech startups is Tel Aviv



Boston Globe names Israel’s metropolis as 2nd best city for technological startup entrepreneurs after the United States’ Silicon Valley.

Itamar Eichner

VIDEO – The Boston Globe, one of the most important newspapers in the United States, has named Tel Aviv the world’s second best city for tech startups, after Silicon Valley in California.

File:Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - IAF Flight for Israel's 63rd Independence Day.jpg

Israel Air Force Flight for Israel’s 63rd Independence Day over Tel Aviv – Photo Courtesy Israel Air Force

Startup Genome, a resource for tracking and building startups, formed a list of the world’s leading high-tech cities for startup entrepreneurs. Tel Aviv precedes New York, which only made it to the fifth place, Los Angeles (3) and London (7). Continue Reading »

Start-Up Nation Institute to connect Israel with innovators worldwide


The message from Israel is it can be done.

The other message is do it with Israel.



Saul Singer, who famously coauthored the book that branded Israel as the “Startup Nation,” is working on a nonprofit organization to connect the country with innovation centers around the world.


SAUL SINGER – Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski

“Countries, just like people, are good at different things,” Singer told The Jerusalem Post.

“We’re not good at everything. We have certain strengths. It so happens that the strengths we have tend to match nicely with the weaknesses of other countries, and the strengths of those countries are things that we’re lacking.”

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Obama views Israeli gadgets: a robotic snake & brain scanner among many

Today the American president was presented with a selection of Israeli technological innovations before going off to Ramallah.

By Haaretz Staff



United States President Barack Obama was shown an array of cutting-edge Israeli technological innovations at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem on Thursday.

The Brain Network Activation system monitors brain activity for medical purposes.

The Brain Network Activation system monitors brain activity for medical purposes.

Among the technologies – selected by a special professional committee headed by the chairman of the National Economic Council in the Prime Minister’s Office, professor Eugene Kandel – was an aluminum-air battery developed by high-tech startup Phinergy. Designed to power electric vehicles, the low-cost battery has zero emissions, is fully recyclable and is expected to have three times the capacity of electric car batteries currently on the market. Continue Reading »