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Jaffa celebrates 150 years of teaching Muslims, Christians & Jews together

Two Scottish sisters founded the Tabeetha School to provide the children of the Holy Land with an education that celebrates diversity.


With a student body of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Druze and Buddhists, the Tabeetha School, now commemorating its 150th anniversary, is like no other in the country.

Headmaster Antony Short, at the Tabeetha School.

Headmaster Antony Short, at the Tabeetha School. The students celebrate Christmas, but also mark Ramadan and Id Al-Fitr, and get dressed up for Purim. – Photo by Nir Keidar

It was the mid-19th century, and Jane Walker-Arnott, a blue-eyed Scotswoman of delicate health, decided to leave her windswept lowlands home and travel to the Holy Land, her sister Emilia in tow, to soak up the Mediterranean sun and volunteer with a Christian mission in Jaffa. Continue Reading »