17 yr-old Israeli youth arrested with gun given by Saddam Hussein



Kafr Qasem teenager says he doesn’t know how the gun, which has an inscription in Arabic reading, ‘a gift from the Iraqi president’, got into the car he was driving.

By Raanan Ben Tzur

A teenager from Kafr Qasem was arrested in the Sharon region on Thursday, while in possession of a gun apparently handed out by Saddam Hussein.

Handgun from Saddam – Kedma police

The 17 year-old was carrying a handgun inscribed with the message: “A present from Iraqi President Saddam Hussein for one who defends the homeland”.

The youth told police that he had no idea who the gun belonged to. Police have asked the court to remand him for a further seven days.

Local police spotted a suspicious vehicle while patrolling in Kafr Qasem. The police called on the driver to pull over, but he tried to flee.

The police gave chase and eventually caught up with him. Inside the car, they found the boy and the concealed gun.

The teen was taken in for questioning and then charged with illegal possession of a fire arm, running from the police and obstruction of the course of justice.

Police say that it does appear that the gun was given out by Saddam Hussein, who was executed in 2006. Even so, it is unclear how the gun came to be in the village, and the teen’s possession.

The youth told police that he had fled because he was afraid, and he had no idea who owned the gun that was hidden in the car in which he had been driving. During the investigation, it emerged that the teen’s father is a resident of the Gaza Strip.


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