77 ‘Protective Edge’ lone soldiers will unite with parents for upcoming Holidays

Tomorrow at Ben Gurion Airport: Parents of lone soldiers who took part in operation ‘Protective Edge’ will be the first to land in Israel to spend the holidays with their children.

By Margaux Stelman


logosThe El-Al Airlines, the Israel hotel Association (IHA) the Association for the wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers (AWIS), the IDF’s Manpower Directorate are reuniting parents and their children, lone soldiers who fought during operation Protective Edge.

An event of this scope has never been done before, and the goal is simple: reunite lone soldiers with their parents for the holidays. About 125 parents to 77 soldiers will arrive in Israel in the next few days.

An Airlift of 21 flights from El- Al airlines, leaving from 10 different locations (New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Moscow, Paris, London, Brussels and Amsterdam) will take-of and reunite the parents with their children. The reunited families will receive 5 days of free accommodation in, hotels that are part of the Israel Hotel Association (IHA).


Tomorrow, Thursday, September 18, at 11:35, the first plane, from Moscow, will land and with it, the first group of parents.


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