A Normal Life Becomes Increasingly Unattainable Under Hamas-Ruled Gaza

Hamas’ latest craziness involves snatching young men off the streets & cutting off hair the Islamic group deems to be “too long”.

Also decided is that girls are forbidden to study with boys past age 9.

By Ryan Jones


Hamas’ campaign to subject the Gaza Strip to strict Sharia Law is moving forward, with little or no interference from an international community that continues to insist that Israel turn over full control of much of the region to such groups.

Life becomes increasingly unbearable in Hamas-ruled Gaza - Israel Today

Life becomes increasingly unbearable in Hamas-ruled Gaza – Israel Today

For years already Hamas has been cracking down on certain types of social behavior in Gaza. For instance, women cannot smoke in public and there is a ban on music that does not comply with Islamic norms.

The latest crackdown is on young men who dare to wear their hair in a style not acceptable to Hamas. Human rights groups and at least two young Palestinians told the Associated Press that many young Gazan men had recently been grabbed on the streets and had their hair shorn.

Young men wearing tight or low-waist pants have also been beaten in public.

One of the young men who bravely opened up to the AP said all he wants is to get out of Gaza. “I don’t know what they are going to do next.”

Also this week, Hamas ruled that schools in Gaza can no longer have both male and female students in the same classrooms past the age of nine. Girls will start to attend schools aimed as “feminizing” them, which in Hamas’ vocabulary means donning full Islamic garb and taking a fully submissive role in society.

For good measure, Hamas also outlawed the “receipt of gifts or aid aimed at normalizing relations with the [sic] Zionist occupation,” as if anyone needed a reminder that Hamas rejects peace with Israel.


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