Abbas’ PA Pirate Radio Stations’ Signals Interfere at Israel’s Ben Gurion Int’l Airport

Palestinian Authority’s pirate radio stations are unregulated and dangerously interfering with Ben Gurion Int’l Airport’s air tower communication network.

By Chana Ya’ar



Signals from Palestinian Authority pirate radio stations are interfering with the air tower communication network at Ben Gurion International Airport.

Officials from the Israel Airports Authority turned to the Ministry of Communications on Sunday, asking that the source of the interference be tracked down.

All radio transmissions are regulated by law; unauthorized signals are subject to termination, and their operators can be charged with in connection with the broadcast.

Pirate broadcast signals also interfere with reception of Israeli radio stations throughout Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron), as well as broadcast signals in the northern Negev region.

At some points along Highway 60, from northern Samaria through Jerusalem and down to the southern Judea and into the Negev, the radio band is so thick with signals from pirate Arab radio stations it is impossible to pick up any Israeli broadcast at all.

At Ben Gurion International Airport, however, the situation is particularly dangerous, as the interference in reception impacts on air tower communication with pilots.

Departures and arrivals may be affected as a result, since the times between landing and takeoffs must be spread out in order to prevent danger to aircraft and passengers, officials said.


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