Abbas: Palestinian Authority Will Sever All Ties with Israel if UN Resolution Fails

Mahmoud Abbas, the ‘Grandmaster of Empty Threats’, now warns the U.S. (who promised a veto), that if UN Security Council bid calling for complete IDF withdrawal by 2017 fails, the PA will “no longer deal” with Israel.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas warned on Tuesday that his administration would “no longer deal” with Israel if a United Nations Security Council resolution demanding an Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria fails.

Mahmoud Abbas holds a picture of Ziad Abu Ein during meeting with PA leadership in Ramallah – Reuters

“If the Arab-Palestinian initiative submitted to the Security Council to put an end to (Israeli) occupation doesn’t pass, we will be forced to take the necessary political and legal decisions,” Abbas was quoted as saying by the Algerian APS news agency.

“If it fails, we will no longer deal with the Israeli government, which will then be forced to assume its responsibilities as an occupier,” he added.


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The PA draft resolution sets a 12-month deadline for wrapping up negotiations on a final peace settlement and the end of 2017 as the timeframe for completing an Israeli withdrawal.

A final deal would pave the way to the creation of a Palestinian Arab state with Jerusalem as a shared capital, according to the text.

Speculation has been mounting since the death in December of a Palestinian official during a confrontation with Israeli security forces that the Palestinian Authority could suspend security coordination with Israel in the West Bank if the resolution fails to pass.

Ziad Abu-Ein died of a heart attack moments after he was seen shouting at Israeli soldiers.

“We are determined to regain the rights of our people, including the right of return (for refugees) and the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails,” Abbas said.

Abbas met Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Monday during a three-day official visit.


AFP contributed to this report.

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