After Israel boosts northern defenses; Iran, Syria stop their threats

Israel deployed a 3rd Iron Dome anti-missile battery in case of a retaliatory strike as both Iran & Syria issued threatening statements.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel this week further bolstered its anti-missile defenses in the north of the country amid growing concerns that either Hezbollah or Syrian forces will attack the Jewish state.

כיפת ברזל מיירטת רקטה באשדוד, אחרי כניסת הפסקת האש לתוקף (צילום: אבי רוקח)

Iron Dome intercepts rockets shot by Hamas – Photo: Avi Rokach

A third Iron Dome anti-missile battery was deployed to the north on Tuesday.

Just last week, Israel (allegedly) launched an air strike against a convoy transporting advanced missiles and possibly chemical weapons from Syria to Hezbollah. Israel braced for a retaliatory strike as both Iran and Syria issued threatening statements.

But this week both nations toned down their rhetoric, and tried to save face by insisting that Israel was already so weak that they didn’t need to retaliate.

Israel’s preemptive strike was a sign of great “weakness” and further evidence that the time of the “Zionists” is coming to an end, according to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Syrian Defense Minister Fahd Jassem el-Freij added his own spin, stating that “it was the Israeli enemy that was retaliating…for our military operations against the armed gangs.”

The Syrian regime insists that the rebel forces it is battling are in league with Israel, and therefore the Syrian army’s successes against them are really successes against the Jewish state.


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