Anti-Semitic Remarks on Facebook Prompt Police Arrests

Police in Glasgow, Scotland arrested six people over anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook that mocked the Jewish community of Giffnock.

Police in Glasgow, Scotland arrested six people over anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook that mocked the Jewish community of Giffnock, the BBC reported Wednesday.

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The page, titled “Welcome to Israel, only kidding you’re in Giffnock,” included a number of offensive posts against the Jewish community and received nearly 1,000 “likes” until it was shut down.

Fans of the page posted comments ranging from “Jewish scum” to “F*** the Jewish Zionist” while another person wrote: “Hebrew is not needed in the train station [because] all the Jews are f***ing rich c**** they have gold plated Bentleys,” the Jewish Chronicle reported.

The page’s profile picture was reportedly a photograph of the late Rev Ernest Levy, a Holocaust survivor and a prominent Glasgow communal leader.

The six people arrested were charged with a breach of the peace with religious and racial aggravations. One other man was detained and later released without charge pending further inquiry.

“This was a very complex and protracted inquiry that required assistance from many departments of Strathclyde Police and the support of the procurator fiscal at Paisley,” said Chief Police Inspector Alan Murray. “I hope it clearly demonstrates that Strathclyde Police will not tolerate hate crimes of any kind.”

“It should cause anyone who believes they can get away with this sort of behaviour to think again,” he added.

The Community Security Trust (CST), which helps protect the Jewish community in the UK, issued a statement saying, “CST welcomes the arrests of suspects regarding alleged anti-Semitic statements. Glaswegian Jews should be reassured that local police take anti-Semitism seriously, and that they are working with CST and the rest of the Jewish community in tackling it when it does arise.”

“The spread of all types of hatred on social networking sites and similar media is a growing problem, so, it is hoped that this innovative investigation will provide a helpful precedent for all of society,” the statement added.


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By Rachel Hirshfeld


  1. Scott S. says:

    I would ‘like’ to say that the arrests were a good thing. However, if I ever decided to travel to that country, they would have to arrest me too as I have openly said many, many things about Islam and Muslims.

    I will not submit to Islam or Sharia! EVER!!!

    With that said, I’m told by my Bible to love the Jewish people and Israel, therefore I do. I don’t have to understand why but simply because God said so, therefore I do. It’s really just that simple.

    However, I will never shut up about the evil that is Islam, their false god or their pedophile false prophet!!

  2. Scott, on facebook I have learned long ago….NEVER EVER say anything that would embarrass you in front of your kids, OR be unable to defend yourself in a court of law.

    So, with that in mind, I speak freely….sorta.

  3. Eton says:

    Biblical, Goyim (non Jews) is a dog of Jewish (Mark 7:27; Mat 15:26), would not that also anti goyim?

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