Arab Father: I Don’t Want This Baby; He’s Jewish

An Arab who fathered a baby with a Jewish woman rejected keeping him and said, “This boy is Jewish. I don’t want him.”


An Arab who fathered a baby with a Jewish woman rejected keeping him six months later, and he brought the boy to the mother, who had fled, and said, “This boy is Jewish. I don’t want him.”

The bizarre story was revealed by the anti-missionary Yad L’Achim organization, which also works to rescue Jewish women from Arab homes where they often are captive.

Circumcision for Jewish baby saved from Arabs

Circumcision for Jewish baby saved from Arabs - Photo: Yad L'Achim

The baby boy, now a circumcised Jew and in the hands of his mother, was born during the Sukkot holiday last year, when an anonymous nurse alerted Yad L’Achim that a young Jewish woman seems to be suffering anguish over the birth of her boy, fathered by an Arab.

Yad L’Achim tried unsuccessfully to track down the woman, working on the basis of skimpy information that the nurse legally is not allowed to release. A further appeal for information was too late because the mother already had left the hospital.

The case fell into limbo until last March, when a woman in southern Israel told Yad L’Achim that her daughter feared for her life and had managed to escape from an Arab village but had to leave behind her six-month old boy.

The mother thought she would be able to retrieve her child, but the Arab father refused. He told her, “Forget about the child, and don’t dare ask me again about him. This child will grow up with me and only with me.”

While Yad L’Achim studied what it could do to retrieve the boy, the Arab suddenly changed his mind and surprised the mother by appearing at her parents’  house with the baby two Fridays ago, the eve of the Sabbath and a day before the Shavuot holiday.

Holding the baby in his hands, he said he did not want a Jewish child. He left, and the boy has since been circumcised.


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By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


  1. Susan says:

    What a fortunate child! He will be raised to value life and not to be a suicide bomber who only knows hate.

  2. LH says:

    What I find disturbing is that this woman left without her child. I could never leave my child with someone who could possibly hurt him! To think that he has had that precious baby this whole time! Also, God will lead the child and show him what his skills and talents are going to be. Perhaps a soldier, perhaps a doctor, or perhaps a clergyman, I don’t know, but I praise the LORD that he is returned! May the mother be aware of how blessed she is to even have a child, and raise him accordingly! <3 +

  3. peggy says:

    Poor kid has some arab blood in him…hope he will never know this and follow his jewish roots!

    • Pamela Sue Shapiro says:

      Peggy, fortunately “blood” is not a determining factor in one’s character and morality. We Jews have lived for thousands of years as ethical, good and even righteous people because of our Torah, our laws, our traditions and our dedication to good works and tikkun olam; not because of our “Jewish blood.”

  4. CPT Sheleg says:

    I keep asking myself, why a Jewish woman will entangle herself with a hater of her own race?! It doesn’t make sense at all.

  5. Melody Bier says:

    Lucky boy, lucky mom! That Arab happened to do the right thing but of course for the wrong reason! Anyway he is safe and where he belongs & most importantly able to reclaim his Jewish identity!!

  6. This little Jewish-Arab boy is not an accident but GOD created him for a purpose. HALLELUJAH!
    GOD bless his parents.

  7. Stormy says:

    So I see how it is. The Arab father was fine with laying with a Jewish girl, but not raising a Jewish baby? This baby is a baby just like any other. I don’t understand what makes this baby less worthy of love than an Arab baby. It really sickens me to see the rejection of the Jewish people and even the Christians, especially in the middle east. Jews and Christians are human beings with feelings, family, and most of all we believe in and worship the creator God.

    • I believe you’re reading more into it than there is. If a father gives away his son to the mother, that can only be seen in a positive light…..and THAT’S what I see everyone rejoicing.

      Since Mother & Son are both of the same religion, it too can be seen in a positive light.

      Maybe Marilyn (above) is right. That G-D created him for a purpose.

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