Arab media: Iranian weapons depot destroyed in Syria by IDF

Although no one has taken credit for yesterday’s destruction of an Iranian weapons warehouse on a Syrian airbase, foreign publications have again, as in the past, attributed the airstrike to Israel.
– The IDF doesn’t respond to foreign media accounts.

By Daniel Salami


A weapons warehouse belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in the Al Bukamal region of Syria was hit in an airstrike Wednesday evening, the Saudi news network Al Arabiya reported.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries in the attack on an airbase close to Syria’s border with Iraq.

Israel suspected of airstrikes on Iranian militia in the Al Bukamal region near Iraq-Syria border – Google Maps:IsraelandStuff

There was also no claim of responsibility, although foreign publications have often attributed similar strikes in the area to Israel.

Iran is setting up a large base in the area that is designed to be the center of its “land corridor” that runs through Iraq to Syria and Lebanon.

The Tehran regime is using this route to try to deliver advanced weaponry to its allies in those countries – primarily Hezbollah – that would significantly alter their ability to launch attacks on Israel.

The border crossing between Iraq and Syria in the Al Bukamal area, close to the Euphrates River, reopened in late September for the first time since 2012.

Al bukamal, a key strategic crossing between Iraq & Syria and will be conduit for weapons trafficking from Iranian-backed groups to Hezbollah – ISI

The crossing was seized by the Islamic State terrorist organization in early 2014, and Iraq regained control in 2017.

Some two and a half weeks ago, a truck reportedly on its way from Iraq was attacked in the area and the driver killed.

Russia claimed that Israel carried out the attack.

Following the attack, militants allied to Iran fired rockets from Syria at the Golan Heights, which were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Israel responded by bombing a series of Iranian targets in Syria.

The Al Bukamal area has been subject to airstrikes on more than one occasion in recent months.

On September 9, aircraft attacked targets belonging to a local militia affiliated with Iran and Hezbollah. A satellite image taken hours after the attack showed apparent damage to four warehouses and reports said that at least 18 Iranian activists were killed in the strikes.

Albukamal, a key strategic crossing between Iraq & Syria and will be conduit for weapons trafficking from Iranian-backed groups to Hezbollah – ISI, Google

A week later, on September 17, at least 10 people were killed in a strike on a base used by Iranian and Iraqi forces allied to Iran. One of the reported targets of the attack was a missile depot.

At least 10 people said to have been killed in the attack. Hours later, another airstrike was reported, with no casualties.

The following day, Shiite militia positions in the area were again attacked. An Iraqi security source told Sky News Arabia that five people were killed in the attack and another nine were wounded.


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