Arab violence near Yitzhar; Hamas cell nabbed & jailed

Yitzhar security & soldier sustain light injuries after being hit by stones; Palestinian shot in leg.

Police & Shin Bet jail terrorist cell caught in Shufat

Elior Levy


An IDF soldier and an Israeli civilian were lightly wounded by stones hurled at them near the settlement of Yitzhar on Monday as part of clashes between settlers and Palestinians.

Archive Photo: Noam Moskowitz

An initial IDF inquiry suggests that a Palestinian youth was walking on the road leading to Yitzhar prompting troops to be called to the scene to stop him. The Palestinian resisted arrest and tried to physically attack the soldiers.

A group of Palestinians that was in the area began to hurl stones at the forces who responded with crowd-dispersal means.

The Palestinians are claiming that IDF forces used crowd-dispersal means in clashes with residents of the Madma village and that a security officer drove away shepherds from the village and hit one of them.

At one point one of the protesters tried to come near the soldiers. Fearing he was about to attack them, the soldiers warned the man before shooting him in the leg. He was rushed to a Nablus hospital by the Red Crescent.

Yitzhar’s security officer who was hit by a stone sustained a head injury and was also taken to hospital.

Also Monday, it was cleared for publication that the Shin Bet and police recently arrested a Hamas-affiliated terrorist cell operating at the Shufat refugee camp and the Ras-Hamis neighborhood in northern Jerusalem. The three cell members were indicted for of hurling stones and Molotov cocktails at police on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, a video which the Palestinians claim was filmed on Monday, shows military vehicles being pelted with stones in Nabi Salah.


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