Arabs Stone Kindergarten, Arabs shoot into Bus

Sunday saw a number of incidents in which inciting Arabs rioted, threw rocks at kindergarten children and shot at Israelis traveling in a bus.

By David Lev


Arab terrorists fired on a bus traveling in the Binyamin region Sunday evening. There were no injuries reported.

The attacked bus

The attacked bus – Photo courtesy: Israel Police

The number 172 bus, traveling from Jerusalem to the town of Anatot, was fired at as it passed near the Arab town of Hizme, north of Jerusalem. The bus was damaged, with several of the bullets piercing the bullet-proof windows.

Police closed the road immediately after the shooting was reported, and began a search for the culprits. The road closure caused a huge traffic tie-up, with traffic stuck in both directions for many kilometers.

Earlier, Arabs attacked a Jew in the Givat Shaul area of Jerusalem. The attack occurred outside the famous Angel Bakery, and quickly turned into a near-riot, with dozens of Jews and Arabs facing off against each other. Several scuffles broke out, and a number of Arabs were reported injured in thr fracas. Police arrived on the scene and used anti-riot techniques to break up the crowd, spraying tear gas on both groups. Magen David Adom rescue workers treated a number of people on the scene for light injuries. Police are investigating what set off the incident.

Meanwhile, in Hevron, a gang of Arab youths conducted a rock attack against a kindergarten in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood. The Arab attackers quickly retreated to the nearby Casbah. IDF troops stepped in to halt the attack.


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