Armed terrorist from Gaza caught at entrance to Jewish community in Negev


Palestinian terrorist infiltrates Gaza’s border to Israel, and is caught with a hand-grenade by local patrol, brought in for questioning.

By Lilach Shoval and Shlomo Cesana


A terrorist infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip around 4:30 a.m. Sunday armed with a grenade. He was apprehended between Yated and Sdei Avraham by a local patrol from a nearby community.

IDF paratroopers in Judea and Samaria prepare for ongoing searches for missing boys – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Israeli forces called to the scene arrested him and brought him in for interrogation. The man said he infiltrated the border to Israel from the southern Gaza Strip. No casualties were reported in the incident and an IDF investigation has been launched.

Overnight Saturday, the Israeli Air Force struck four targets in Gaza in response to earlier rocket fire. Meanwhile, in Judea and Samaria, two Palestinians were killed, 11 injured and 9 arrested. Israeli forces also raided five so-called “Dawa” targets, which are sites Hamas uses to fund its activities.

One of fatalities, Muhammad Atallah, was shot dead in Dura during clashes between local teenagers and Israeli forces, which erupted when locals tried to prevent the Israel Defense Forces from making arrests in the area.

The second fatality, Ahmed Khaled, was shot by border policemen in Nablus after he approached the Israeli forces. An initial investigation of the incident revealed that the man was mentally unstable.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Ofir Akunis said, “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ has made worthless statements while Hamas continues to partake in his government. Abbas’ decision to tack Hamas to his government and to form a government of terror, is his and his own alone. Abbas must comprehend that leadership is judged through action, not rhetoric, so if he’s interested in proving his leadership, he must expel Hamas before Hamas expels him.”

It has been 10 days since the kidnapping of the three teenage boys from a hitchhiking post in Gush Etzion, and Israeli forces have focused their search efforts in the area west of Hebron. According to a senior official, the decision to hone in on that area stems not from “golden information,” but a conjecture that kidnappers fled to the area.

Since Friday, soldiers from the Paratroopers, Nahal and Kfir brigades have scoured the area for any sign of the boys.

“The soldiers have been scouring meter to meter; whole battalions are searching at every spring, every hiding place, every cave,” the official said. “Hundreds of soldiers are walking for kilometers in difficult environmental conditions, not stopping for a minute.”

The IDF has also searched local reservoirs, at times draining them completely.

“Our forces are turning every stone, and I don’t mean proverbially. Every bush, every terrace,” he said.


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