Armored brigade equipped with advanced defense system

Iron Trails Brigade was recently outfitted with the Trophy active defense system, which defends tanks against incoming missiles

By  Florit Shoihet


credit: IDF blog

The entire Iron Trails Brigade, a tank brigade within the IDF’s Armored Corps, was recently equipped with the Trophy active defense system. The new defense system identifies and eliminates anti-tank missiles before they can reach the tanks on which it is installed.

In the past month, the Iron Trails Brigade, which boasts a number of advanced Merkava Mark IV tanks, completed a significant exercise in conjunction with engineering forces. This drill involved cooperating with other units and focused on the advanced platforms used by the unit.

“The Iron Trails Brigade’s exercises are difficult, reflecting our belief that we must push the commanders to the limit of their abilities and those of the platforms,” Col. Einav Shalev, commander of the unit, stressed to the IDF Website. “As part of the process of strengthening the brigade, I emphasize the depth of our responsibility to reach further than any other brigade, in places where others would fall. All of this influences the outlook that we can demand more from our units, so that in the future we will successfully reach deeper and further in less time.”

“Our platforms do not prevent injury entirely, but they certainly reduce it. Ultimately, all of this influences our success in striking the enemy,” he added.

The Iron Trails Brigade’s exercises have taken place in various settings, including challenges such as operating at night and under pressure. “This year was a large step forward for us in many respects: combat in urban areas, using armored combat vehicles and tanks against an enemy, anti-kidnapping drills, and underground fighting,” the brigade commander concluded.


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