Arrow 3 is in process of advanced development

Head of the Israel Air Force missile defense systems reports ‘unprecedented’ success of Hetz (Arrow) 3 rocket interceptor.

He also stresses that Iran is still main threat.

By Yoav Zitun

As reports emerge of a secret rocket-launching base in central Israel, top Israeli officials confirm that, escalation along the Syrian border notwithstanding, Iran‘s unsanctioned uranium development program remains the major threat to Israel’s security.

[Illustrative] – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Head of Interception Systems Unit Lt. Col. Aviram Hason said on Monday “the ballistic threat grows each day. What is happening in Syria is unfortunate, but we are preoccupied mainly with the nuclear threat, and therefore urge the development of the Hetz 3 interceptor as soon as possible because we want to see the day when the threat ripens.

The Hetz (“Arrow”) is part of Israel’s surface-to-air missile defense lineup. Its development is a joint effort by the Defense Ministry and the American Missile Defense Agency.

Speaking at an Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) conference, Hason added that Israel’s missile interception set up has undergone a serious upgrade. “Hetz 3 is in the process of advanced development and passed tests with unprecedented success. It expands the scope of interception, far from Israel, with great capabilities, it can fix errors, it can break down loads and streamline the battle.” Jane’s Information Group, a British publication specializing in military issues, reported a US government site revealed the details of a secret missile-launching base in central Israel. The report did not elaborate on the precise function of the base, yet details point to Hetz 3 interceptors.


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