As Expected – Land Day Turns Violent

Masked rioters attacked IDF troops at Kalandia as a part of Land Day protests; tear gas, high-frequency sound, and ‘skunk’ spay employed.

Land Day turned violent Friday when Arabs began hurling Molotov cocktails and stones at soldiers near the Kalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem.

The riots began after Friday afternoon Muslim prayers – often a starting point for violence – when dozens of masked Arab youths began rioting at the checkpoint.

Soldiers responded with teargas and deployed the “Skunk” – a vehicle loaded with canons spraying a noxious-smelling liquid.  A machine that transmits high frequency sound waves was also employed.

Israel Radio reported several protesters were lightly injured in the clashes and taken to the hosptial. Hamas parliament member Ahmed Atoun was lightly injured when he was struck in the head by a stone hurled by the rioters.

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By Gabe Kahn