Asking if the Temple Mount is really ours is a legitimate question


For the last 46 years, Jews have not been allowed to pray on Temple Mount, and few Jews have even visited.

Currently, most people aren’t even complaining, but a recent seminar on the topic concluded unequivocally: More Jews need to frequent Judaism’s most holy site.

By Nadav Shragai

Mohammed Assaf from the city of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip, the winner of the second season of Arab Idol, is currently driving the masses wild with his song about the “wounded al-Aqsa” in his soul — a song he has dedicated to “martyrs.” Last week in the Temple Mount plaza, “al-Aqsa summer camps” began drawing thousands of children. They memorize verses from the Quran while the Jerusalem police raises its alert level for the month of Ramadan — the holy Muslim month of fasting that began last week with the arrival of thousands of worshippers to the area’s mosques.