Attempt to Abduct Israeli Girl at Disney World

Channel 10: nine year old girl was found drugged, with her head half shaved.

A nine-year-old Israeli girl was nearly abducted from her parents at Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, during the Pesach holiday.

A Disney park

A Disney park - Photo by Reuters

Channel 10 news reported that two Israeli parents and their two children were standing in line for one of the rides in the huge theme park when they discovered that their daughter had disappeared.

They immediately ran to the park’s security officers, who locked all of the park’s exit gates. The parents were taken to a control room, where they were asked to look for the girl on the numerous security cameras.

A few minutes later they located the girl in one of the park’s rest rooms. Her head was half shaved, she had a tattered sweatshirt on and had been drugged. She was immediately taken to receive medical treatment. Her abductors vanished without a trace.

The girl is now doing well and does not remember the incident. Her parents said that the security men told them that there is currently a rash of attempts to abduct children from the park and its surrounding area.


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By Gil Ronen