Bahrain 1st Arab country to blacklist Hezbollah as Terror Organization

Bahraini MP tells Al Arabiya, Hezbollah’s alleged support and training of radical Shiite groups against Bahrain is basis for the decision.



Bahrain on Tuesday became the first Arab state to blacklist Hezollah as a terrorist group, Al Arabiya reported.

Lebanon's Hezbollah supporters gesture as they march in Beirut, November 2011

Lebanon’s Hezbollah supporters gesture as they march in Beirut, November 2011 – Photo: Reuters/Khalil Hassan

According to the report the decision was based mainly on the Lebanese Shiite organization’s alleged support and training of radical shiite groups against Bahrain.

“The measure is to protect Bahrain’s security and stability from Hezbollah’s threats,” Bahraini MP Adil al-Asoumi told Al Arabiya.

He stated that Hezbollah is not only a threat to Bahrain, but to the rest of the Gulf region, and called on “our Gulf brethren to confront the terrorist organization to secure Gulf security.”

He reportedly added that there is evidence that Hezbollah is instigating violence against the Bahraini government.

Also Tuesday, twelve Hezbollah members were killed and more than 20 others were wounded in an ambush near Damascus, Al Arabiya reported, citing sources close to the organization.

The Hezbollah armed brigade has reportedly been deployed in Syria to fight with forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The wounded were evacuated to a hospital in south Beirut, according to the report.


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