#BDSfail: Walmart’s IDF-themed Halloween costumes upsetting pro-Palestinians


Arabs tweeting their displeasure on Twitter about ‘Israeli Soldier Costume for Kids’ as insensitive, amid flare-up as Palestinian kids are encouraged to go on stabbing spree to kill Jews.

By i24news


Walmart, the top US supermarket chain, stirred controversy by offering a child’s Halloween costume of Israel Defense Forces soldier amid a flare-up in Israeli-Palestinian violence.

The olive green costume includes a shirt, featuring Hebrew insignia, as well as trousers and a red beret appearing to resemble those worn by enlisted soldiers of the Israeli military.

Many on Twitter felt the costume borders on insensitivity and spared no words in criticizing the retailer’s choice.

Pro-Palestinian users of the popular micro-blogging platform were particularly vocal in their opprobrium, charging that offering the costume amounted to an endorsement of what they described as Israel’s war crimes in the armed conflict.

“Walmart offers Israeli soldier costume for kids! Way to go teaching kids to dress up like murderers! Disgusting!” tweeted a user that goes by the handle of @LillyArabia.

Another Halloween costume stocked by Walmart that drew outrage is a “Latex prosthetic nose perfect for an Arab Sheik,” featuring a large nose on a man clad in traditional Arab attire.


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