Best friends from New York successfully complete IDF training together

Just a year ago David Cohen, 18, & David Aharon, 18 flew to Israel to enlist in the IDF. last week, Cohen’s & Aharon’s parents flew in from NY to see their sons receive their Golani unit pin.

By Danny Brenner



Both are named David, both grew up in New York, they were in the same grade from pre-school onward and they are best friends. A year ago, they both flew to Israel to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces as lone soldiers. Last week, Corporals David Aharon, 18, and David Cohen, 18, completed nearly a year of rigorous training and joined the ranks of the illustrious Golani Infantry Brigade.

From Left: David Cohen and his father, with David Aharon and his parents

Their training was an 11-month long regiment, from basic training to advanced training and an operational deployment. The two now proudly wear Golani’s brown beret, and are legitimate “Golan-chikim.”

Aharon’s and Cohen’s parents flew in from New York to see their sons receive the Golani unit pin at the brigade’s end-of-training ceremony at the Golani Intersection in the Galilee.

Cpl. David Aharon deferred studying a Business Management degree at the NYU to join the IDF. “I am the first child to enlist and the only boy. My dad was a platoon commander in the army and he is proud of me today. I joined the military so that I could stop being a kid and grow up. I have great commanders and met friends that I will have for the rest of my life. I am very excited to be part of the Golani Brigade,” Aharon said.

Golani Training Base Commander Col. Avinoam Stalovich spoke at the ceremony. “You have just completed a long and arduous training period in which you went from being civilians to recruits, and from recruits to fighters. You are now part of the Golani legacy.”

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