‘Blatant UN Interference’ During Ongoing Coalition Talks Stirs Outrage


Anger as UN representative publicly airs his displeasure over Prime Minister’s choice for Minister of Housing.

By Maayana Miskin


MK Uri Ariel and his supporters expressed outrage Wednesday over United Nations envoy Robert Serry’s criticism of Ariel’s reported future appointment as Housing Minister.

Uri Ariel

Uri Ariel – Photo from Facebook

Serry was quoted in Ma’ariv as publicly telling Israeli activists that Ariel’s appointment would mean new construction in Judea and Samaria, which would lead to international condemnation and would hurt Israel’s standing in the international community.

“This is an incredibly arrogant statement, and constitutes blatant interference in Israel’s sovereignty,” MK Ariel said in response. Israel “is in the midst of the delicate process of putting together a government,” he noted – a process Serry’s remarks were apparently designed to upset.

Ariel added, “Serry’s statements are not surprising in light of the U.N.’s unbalanced, anti-Israel stance.”

The Komemiyut movement, which supports Israeli settlement in Judea and Samaria, condemned Serry’s statements as “chutzpah and European arrogance.”

“The European Union’s hypocrisy leads them to blatantly interfere in government appointments in Israel, in addition to their constant battle against Israeli policy,” the group said.

Komemiyut members added, “Knesset Member Uri Ariel is among the most successful Members of Knesset and is worthy of any government position. The citizens of Israel deserve public officials like him.”


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