British Petition Calls to Arrest Netanyahu Upon September Visit to UK

Israel’s Foreign Ministry: Petition signed by 40,000 to arrest PM for “war crimes” is merely a public relations stunt with no practical significance.

By Eli Leon & Israel Hayom Staff


As of Wednesday morning, nearly 40,000 people had signed an online petition calling for the arrest of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on war crimes charges during his visit to the United Kingdom next month.


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  1. Elijah Robinson says:

    Take him straight from the airport in a UK police car and incarcerate him for a while in a prison as a common criminal and then extradite him to the Hague for a public trial in front of the ICC. You never know he might get hanged for crimes against humanity.

    • Problem is charges of “crimes against humanity” against Israeli leaders is nothing more than publicity rhetoric used by those who defend Hamas and other real terrorists like PLO/PA members.

      Such BS was tested in the most antisemitic venue possible, the UN, when the Marmara incident was challenged, and even they (largest collection of despots) acknowledged the blockade was legal. Why was it deemed legal?….because the int’l community KNEW FOR A FACT that Hamas is a terror organization that imports weapons used specifically to harm/kill random (Jewish) men/women/children/elderly non-combatants.

      lol You can’t charge a nation’s leader for protecting his country from REAL terrorists- the Palestinians.

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