Canadian PM performs for Bibi & Sara with ‘Hey Jude’

VIDEO: PM Natanyahu & wife Sara sing along at state dinner.



Stephen Harper this week became the first Canadian prime minister to address Israel’s Knesset – and also likely the first to belt out the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others at a state dinner.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper singing ‘Hey Jude’ in Israel.- Photo: YouTube screenshot

In a video posted on Netanyahu’s YouTube channel on Tuesday, Harper, who fronts a covers band called Herringbone, is seen sitting behind a keyboard and singing the classic tune.

Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, meanwhile smile and sway at their table during the performance. Other guests can be seen taking pictures with their cellphones.

“Terrific, thank you – it was great,” Netanyahu said after his Canadian counterpart wrapped up.

At the Jewish National Fund dinner in Toronto last month, Harper announced his intention to visit Israel in a five-minute speech — which was followed by 35 minutes of rock music covers performed by him and his band.


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