Captured Palestinian bomb terrorist was West Bank civil engineering student


view videoCleared for publication: Abu Hassan, 20, caught by a vigilant security guard, built the pipe bombs he planned for his terrorist attack on the Jerusalem light rail.

By Roi Yanovsky


Ali Abu Hassan, 20, from the Hebron area, is the terrorist who was stopped while attempting to carry out a bombing on the Jerusalem light rail two weeks ago, it was cleared for publication on Tuesday.

Abu Hassan, a civil engineering student at the Polytechnic University in Hebron, made the pipe bombs he planned on using for the attack himself.According to prosecutor’s statement filed by police on Tuesday, Abu Hassan left a will at the university before setting out to commit the attack.

A Jerusalem police investigation found that the terrorist carried out tests before the attempted attack, practicing setting off explosives in open areas in the Hebron district.At first, he built and blew up a small pipe bomb, and after the success of this test he built a bigger bomb from several pipes, adding shrapnel to increase the damage the explosive could do. After the success of this test, he built a similar bomb, put it in his bag, and left for Jerusalem.

Police close of area when pipe-bombs are discovered

The investigation also found that three days before the attempted attack, Abu Hassan crossed the Green Line where there is no separation fence. He got to Jerusalem, toured the city, and slept at the plantations in the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood.

While searching for a location to carry out his attack, he also entered a restaurant and considered setting off his bomb there, but eventually decided he could hurt more people by blowing it up inside a light rail car.

Other weapons found at Abu Hassan’s possession – Photo: Police Spokesman

On July 17, near 9am, Abu Hassan arrived at the Jaffa Center stop, where he was observing passersby. It was then that he was spotted by a vigilant security guard who asked Abu Hassan to open his bag for inspection. The terrorist ignored the request, which led the security guard to restrain him by force while another guard took the bag.


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