Chinese kids study Israel’s history in great detail in school

With battle diagrams & detailed maps, students in Beijing’s schools are learning about the Israeli wars that shaped the face of history.

By Matan Tzuri


Students in Israel are already prepared for the summer break – but on the other side of the world, another group of students is studying the battles of Israel and the changes that came about because of them.

Iluz (third from left, in background)) with the Netanyahus on Great Wall of China

Chinese, the Netanyahus, at Great Wall during May state visit

Eighth grade students in Beijing schools are preparing for their world history exam, and Israeli history plays a large role in what they are being taught, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

In the history book used by Chinese students, there is a chapter dedicated especially to the changes that resulted following the wars of Israel. Students study the history of the State of Israel, before and after the War of Independence.

This includes explanations on the movements of Israeli Defense Forces troops, and the reasons they were attacked. They also discuss which countries assisted the fledgling Jewish state, and where the foreign planes that offered assistance came from.

Maps in Chinese show changes on the field, from which direction enemy forces approached, and what agreements were signed at the end of the war.

Over the past few years, China has been going through a major social change, part of which has included opening up the country to the world at large.

“Of course the maps and the information were taken from Israeli information sources,” says a senior Israeli official in China. “Meaning, they copied them, but it doesn’t matter. This is proof that the State of Israel is of great interest and very important to them. This is certainly a source of pride for us.”


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