Christian IDF Soldier Attacked by Religious Peers While in Uniform


Even as more and more young Christians join the IDF each year, some do so at some risk from friends, or those who oppose the Jewish State.

By Israel Today Staff


A growing number of young Arabic-speaking Christians are volunteering to serve in the Israeli army. Some even want their service to be mandatory, as it is for Jews. But there are some elements in Arab Christian society that remain hostile to this phenomenon.

Some of the Christian IDF soldiers (Left) and Border Guard Police (Right) who attended the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum.

That was the experience of a young Arabic-speaking Christian who spoke to Israel’s Mako news portal. Identified only as “Y” for his own safety, the young man recounted how his family and friends urged him not to join the IDF, and how his insistence on doing so earned him death threats and a physical beating.

“I knew I was going to pay a heavy price. Most of my friends cut off contact with me,” said Y, who signed up to serve in the Bedouin Reconnaissance Battalion, and has since started a course to become a combat medic.


“The few times I got home, I received death threats from various people who live and work in my neighborhood,” he continued. “They were outraged that I was walking around in uniform and serve in a combat unit.”

During a recent visit to his hometown of Haifa, Y was physically assaulted by a passerby. “He punched me just because I was wearing a uniform. He told me, ‘You and your friends are traitors.’ It’s scary. Next time it could end in murder,” said the shaken young man.

Due to the situation, Y has petitioned the army to allow him to travel in civilian clothing. But until permission is granted, he is forced to spend most weekends at a soldiers’ boarding house to avoid physical violence, or worse.


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  1. Louis says:

    Why is not mentioned that is not the Jewish Community that is doing this? This should be clear in stating that the Jewish Community and the Arab Christian Community are doing fine and it is the Arab community harassing its own people. Love thy neighbor is demonstrated by this medic and his own community chastises him for this while making something for himself in learning a needed skill in society shame on them and please next time be clear so that no international correspondent picks up on the clear details so nothing can be said about the Christian and Jewish community.

    • I thought it was clear, he’s being attacked by other Arabic speaking Christians.
      1) The Headline gives it away,
      then he speaks of
      2) “Most of my friends cut off contact with me,”
      3) and finally, with ‘You and your friends are traitors.’

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