Christian Israelis Take On Anti-Israel Campaign on Facebook

Israel’s Arabic-speaking Christians come out strong against fellow Christians whose comments defame the Jewish state on Facebook.

By Ryan Jones


The Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum on Thursday came out swinging against yet another malicious propaganda campaign targeting Israel on the popular social network Facebook.



The campaign appears to center around a composite picture of six= dilapidated local churches that are presented as false evidence that the Jewish state discriminates against and seeks to remove Christians from the Holy Land.


Such notions have undergirded a new Evangelical Christian movement that paints Palestinian Christians as the suffering Jesus to Israel’s strong-armed Romanesque oppressor.

The first lie the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum (a growing movement of Arabic-speaking Christian natives) takes on is that in 1948, Jewish forces swept through the land with the aim of eradicating all Christians, along with the Muslims.

“To our great disappointment, in 1948 David Ben Gurion wanted the Christians to stay and join the defense of the State of Israel, but the Christians failed to be forward-thinking and instead cowered in fear behind the Arab militias or tried to stay out of the conflict all together,” the group wrote on its own Facebook page.

The forum noted that the local Druze residents “initially fought against Israel, but ultimately switched sides, saving their villages and their people.”

Among the other fallacies listed is the idea that surrounding Arab nations are “paradise” for Christians compared to the “hell” of living in what many try to portray as the “apartheid state” of Israel.

To this, the forum responded:

If Israel is hell and the Arab state are paradise, then we as Christians with Aramean roots say that our religion is actually rooted in Judaism, [so] we prefer to remain in the ‘hellfire of the State of Israel.’ We invite the rest of you to take a one way trip to Syria or Iraq where you will be warmly welcomed as Arab Christians by [various terror groups], or to Gaza where Hamas will surely love you well.

The group also addressed the ongoing spate of Jewish vandalism against primarily Christian targets, calling it the actions of a small group of racists who first and foremost are harming Israel’s image, and reminding everyone that the so-called “price tag” attackers have yet to kill or injure a single person.


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