Clinton: Push back at Holocaust deniers

US Sec. of St. calls on international community to respond to criticism of Israeli policy if it crosses the line to antisemitism.



US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the international community to “act against anti-Semitism” at a keynote address at a symposium on ending genocide, held at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington on Tuesday.

Clinton delivers the keynote address - Photo: REUTERS

Clinton delivers the keynote address – Photo: REUTERS

Clinton reaffirmed her support for Israel and the Jewish people at the Holocaust Museum, stating: “When heads of states and religious leaders deny the Holocaust, we must not let their lies go unanswered…we must respond when criticism of Israeli government policy crosses over to anti-Semitism.”

Clinton continued: “When public calls are made to ‘finish the job’, we must stand firm that violence in any form will not be tolerated. We must push back,”

In spite of calling for the US to “act before the match is struck” in an apparent reference to Syria and Iran, she touted a strategy of prevention that is “not code for military action, rather, a focus on diplomacy, humanitarian assistance, law enforcement and sanctions” to achieve results.

The US secretary of state also warned that when a “fire is at full blaze, our actions will be less effective.”

Clinton referenced past genocides and war crimes in Bosnia, Rwanda, Syria and Sudan, saying “never again” to the killings of innocent people. She concluded: “We said never again, but every day we see campaigns of harassment and violence aimed at the destruction of a particular group. This is the definition of genocide.”


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