Court gives fake Mossad agent to 27 months prison for impersonation

Man sentenced for lying to continue romantic relationship with woman and ordered to pay for extorted funds from a security adviser.



Shai Raz, who impersonated the deputy head of the Mossad in order to fraudulently obtain funds and maintain a romantic relationship with a woman, was sentenced on Sunday by the Rehovot Magistrate’s Court to 27 months in prison.

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The 27 month sentence was part of a plea bargain endorsed by the court in which Raz  confessed to most of the charges that he was facing.In order to convince T.H. to become romantically involved with him, Raz told her that he was deputy head of the Mossad, and regularly showed her a variety of false and forged documents about his enormous wealth.In one incident, Raz showed T.H. documents indicating that he had a bank account with 150 million euros, while at another time he presented her with fake documents showing that he had placed NIS one million in funds in the bank accounts of T.H.’s two daughters.

From the start of December 2012 until around the time Raz was indicted on January, 31, 2013, he maintained a relationship with T.H. which included sexual relations, an engagement ring and promises of getting married on March 15, 2013.

Raz had told T.H. that his name was Daniel Rozen and that Shlomo Artzi would sing at their wedding.

On this charge, the court noted that Raz could have been accused of rape, but that the prosecution had only charged Raz with receipt of a benefit under fraudulent circumstances.

The court said it would be somewhat more lenient in sentencing Raz for his crime because he never used violence against T.H. and never swindled her out of money.

Mossad Emblem

Mossad Emblem

Besides the relationship with T.H., Raz, starting in May 2010, also swindled Yoav Taam, a Security Adviser, out of significant funds to cover his personal expenses, from a rental car, to office space, to a hotel room to an expensive I-pod.In order to receive funds from Taam and pretend to conduct business with him, Raz told Taam that he had recently left a position at the Mossad when his daughter had grown ill.More specifically, he told Taam that he had been an expert in information security.

Next, Raz created fictional “clients” with all sorts of needs, which he would ask Taam to pay for, but then use for himself.

Raz told Taam that he had a German customer coming to Israel who needed a car, and asked Taam to pay for renting him a car.

Raz then used the car for himself, telling Taam that his “client” was staying in Israel longer than expected. Raz used the car for several months, running up a bill of around NIS 30,000.

In order to manage a biometric security program for another “client,” Raz convinced Taam to buy him an  NIS 4,387 I-pod.

Raz also got Taam to rent him office space and a hotel room for a Canadian “client” visiting Israel.

Finally, Raz told Taam that he might get projects from Tamir Pardo, current head of the Mossad, because of his special personal relationship with him.

Raz told the court that, “as a general matter, I am sorry about what I did.”

Besides the prison sentence, Raz must also pay NIS 120,000 to Taam.