Day after Iran threatens Israel, 4 Iranians, 3 Syrians killed in airstrike on weapon depot

Day after Iran threatens [Zionist] “regime”, 7 militants are killed when the IDF allegedly destroyed more Iranian ammunition depots in the Damascus area; Israel’s PM Netanyahu comments: ‘Maybe it was the Belgian air force.’



Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he did not know anything about the alleged Israeli attack that target the Damascus area on Thursday, adding that maybe it was “the Belgian air force.”

“I don’t what happened last night,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Radio Haifa on Friday, as quoted by channel 12. “Maybe it was the Belgian air force.”

Having witnessed repeated military opposition to Iran’s presence in Syria and Iraq, Iran has defiantly increases its presence and maintains the transfer of precision missile technology to Hezbollah, leaving PM Netanyahu to say, “Iran has no immunity, anywhere.” – IsraelandStuff

Seven people, four Iranians and three Syrians, were killed in an airstrike reportedly launched by IAF in the Damascus area on Thursday night, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as quoted by Ynet. The attack was allegedly targeting Iranian ammunition depots in the city.


Syrian state television stated that Syrian air defenses downed several missiles coming across Israel’s Golan Heights before they hit their targets in the capital, Damascus.

Israel has continued to strike targets in Syria, as well as Iraq, as part of a campaign to weaken Iran and to remove its forces from the region. Netanyahu told Army Radio on Wednesday that Israel would not allow Iran to gain a foothold along the northern border, pointing out that Israel has conducted “countless” attacks to prevent this.

من تصدي الدفاعات الجوية للاهداف المعادية – Feb 13, 2020

Last week, SANA reported that Israel had attacked military targets in western Damascus. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, missiles have been launched at bases and positions of the Syrian army and pro-Iranian militias. It was also reported that 23 people were killed in the attack last week, including pro-Iranian militiamen.

Tzvi Joffre contributed to this report.


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