Despite systemic political bias, UN continues to buy more from Israel

Since 2015 UN agencies continue to increase their purchase of Israeli innovations & services, acquiring communications & logistics services, medical & water desalination technologies and security & defense technologies for UN peacekeeping forces.

By Ariel Kahana


Despite the United Nations’ continued hostility toward Israel, the organization is increasingly choosing to purchase Israeli goods and services, according to data compiled by the Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN.

The figures show that in the past four years, various UN agencies acquired $256 million worth of Israeli goods and services, and that every year for the last four years the amount purchased has increased.

The upswing started in 2015, when deals worth tens of millions of dollars were signed. In 2016, the UN purchased Israeli goods and services worth $48 million. In 2017, that amount rose to $51 million. In 2018, UN purchases of Israeli goods and services amounted to $66 million.

UN acquisitions included communications and logistics services; medical and water desalination technology; and security and defense technology for the UN peacekeeping forces.

UN soldiers entering Israel

Israeli companies that have sold to the UN include Teva Pharmaceuticals; Paz; MER – which provides missile defenses to UN peacekeepers in Africa; and Odis, which supplied a $42 million desalination system.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said, “In recent years, we have made Israel into a major player at the UN, in terms of purchasing, as well. The choice of Israeli innovation for the organization’s activity is an expression of faith in Israel’s capabilities and provides economic leverage for local industry.”


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