Dutch Christians Ignore EU Demand to Label Israeli Products

A Dutch Christian company refuses the European Commission requirement to label products imported from Judea & Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan Heights as ‘Occupied’ or ‘Palestinian’ territory, since they know fine well, it isn’t.

By Israel Today Staff


In a bold act of civil disobedience, a Dutch Christian company refused to label products imported from Judea and Samaria. The Christian Zionists who import Israeli goods snubbed the European ruling and refused to comply with laws requiring they label products originating in Israeli settlements in the biblical heartlands.

“Labeling was created to ensure food safety, but has become a political tool to pressure the Jewish state,” bias, director of the Christians for Israel group said in a statement as reported in JTA.

Pieter van Oordt, right, with his brother Roger at the Israel Products Center in Nijkerk, the Netherlands, Feb. 19, 2016. – Photo: JTA,Cnaan Liphshiz

According to the report, the Dutch Christians import 120,000 bottles of Israeli wine every year, as well as Dead Sea cosmetics and other Israeli products through their Israel Products Center near Amsterdam. Holland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy applied pressure on the Christians to label the Israeli products according to regulations of the European Commission that apply to goods coming from Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Eli Poch – Photo: JerusalemWineClub website

“These are anti-Jewish regulations to me. They mean separating products made by Jews and Arabs,” Oordt said. The group refused to comply with the politically-motivated anti-Israel laws.

In its recent catalog, the Israel Products Center urged his customers to purchase wine, dates and olive products produced in Judea and Samaria. “Now the government wants to say on our products that they’re not from Israel,” Oordt said, referring to the EU regulations requiring goods produced in Israeli settlements to be labeled as originating in “Palestinian” territory.

“So we must tell our customers that it’s not true,” the Dutch Christian Zionist insists.


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